Craig Lancaster of Unity has won UniTel's 2020 Directory Cover Photo Contest with a photo of the moon peeking up over the Rockland Breakwater on the coast of Maine.

For submitting the winning entry, Lancaster is receiving a Roku box for his home, $200 in cash, and his photo will be featured on the UniTel 2021 Directory cover.

Lancaster’s entry was one of several dozen submitted through the UniTel website in May and June. The winner was chosen by UniTel staff based on creativity, uniqueness, and quality of the photo.

This is the third year of UniTel’s Directory Cover Photo Contest. A photo by Holly Ryan of Unity came in second, and an entry from Greg Rossel of Troy placed third. UniTel plans to bring the contest back for a fourth year in 2021.

Lancaster lives in Unity, but works in Rockland. The 24-year-old says he likes taking photos as a hobby, and sometimes stops to capture an image of something he finds interesting or unique.

“Photography is more of a hobby for me, but the picture I submitted for this contest is the nicest one I have,” he said. “I was driving to work in Rockland and saw some amazing scenery, so I stopped to take a picture. It turned out to be a picture I look back at often, and I’m happy that I can share it with so many people in this area thanks to UniTel.”

UniTel CEO Laurie Osgood said, “Our staff loves reviewing all of the wonderful photos submitted to us for this contest every year, but selecting a winner becomes more and more difficult.

“A setting sun and rising moon signals the start of a new day, a new beginning, and hope for what lies ahead. We’ve all seen a challenging year, and hopefully the thought of a new day on the horizon will give us inspiration for a better year ahead. This gorgeous photo from Mr. Lancaster that was chosen as the winner can be a daily reminder that the sun will rise again tomorrow.”

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