From the desk of Pope Memorial Humane Society’s Volunteer and Foster Coordinator Brandi Moore,

Ever thought about fostering a pet from your local shelter? Consider opening up your home and heart to a senior citizen from Pope Memorial Humane Society!

Older pets need you! Prospective adopters who visit the shelter are more apt to be looking for puppies, kittens or newly-adult pets to adopt. Meanwhile, the seniors are often overlooked and frequently linger, patiently waiting and watching as the younger dogs and cats leave to start their new lives with happy families.

Even the most caring of animal shelters like PMHS is not a home and is a stressful environment for an animal to live in. It’s even more so for the seniors, who are used to living in a home with its familiar environment, routines and family members. They are generally less able to deal with stress and feel more disoriented than young dogs and cats might feel. The longer a senior animal spends in the shelter, the more likely they will physically and emotionally deteriorate. Saddest though, is their tendency to lapse into depression. They don’t understand what happened to their lives and loved ones.

Why is fostering so important for senior dogs and cats? A senior pet that is fostered rather than kept at the shelter is much more likely to maintain, or more quickly regain, good emotional and physical health. A happy and healthy dog or cat will be more appealing as a candidate for adoption. It is also easier for the senior fostered in a home environment to make a better transition into their new family and forever home.

Usually, fostering a senior pet starts as an act of caring and making a difference in the life of a deserving animal. But fosters soon discover that their foster dog or cat is equally making a difference in their lives, too! As the anonymous quote proclaims, “Saving one animal won’t change the world, but for that one animal the world will change forever.”

If you are interested in fostering a senior pet from PMHS, we welcome anyone to visit and fill out a foster application.

Here are some of the PMHS seniors who would love to find a foster home to provide them with a vacation from the shelter:

Nessie is a perky nine-year-old female Papillion/Terrier mix who would like lots of love! She would be so happy to be out of the shelter and in a caring home again. Did I mention she really loves her loves?

Lucy is a friendly 14-year-old female black cat who knows her own mind and desperately wants to spend her golden years in a home that has lots of affection to give, and doesn’t mind receiving some right back!! Lucy is on a special diet and may be deaf.

Susie is a colorful 12-year-old female Tortie cat with diva attitude! This spry old gal just wants a safe home to hang out in and be waited on!

Ming is an elegant eight-year-old male Siamese cat with career aspirations that include being the cover model for a romance novel! Ming’s also a real foodie, and will enthusiastically discuss the evening menu with you! He would like a home with lots of hugs! Ming is on a special diet.

Pope Memorial Humane Society is located at 25 Buttermilk Lane in Thomaston;; Due to COVID-19, adoptions are by appointment only, until further notice. For questions or to schedule an appointment, call 594-2200.