Children’s House Montessori School, located in the yellow schoolhouse in downtown Camden, has announced a collaborative effort with The Owl & Turtle Bookshop and Café in an effort to build the school’s library of books addressing the subject of anti-racism and anti-bias.

Teachers at the school have curated a list of books on the subject and partnered with The Owl & Turtle as a source of one-stop shopping for anyone interested in donating a book, or books, for the school. “This subject is especially important right now, and we want to ensure that our students and teachers have access to quality books that address such a critical topic in an effort to provide the children with a healthy view of the differences among us all and how to address them,” said school director Ethan Yankura.

The Owl & Turtle has many of the titles on their shelves and can order any of the books on the school’s list. As part of the collaboration, The Owl & Turtle is offering at 15% discount on any books purchased for Children’s House Montessori, all you have to do is mention the school’s name.

Donated books can be dropped off at the school at 58 Elm St., with prior arrangements (236-2911) or a representative from the school can collect them at The Owl & Turtle, located at 33 Bay View St. in Camden.