Before the pandemic, the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run was preparing to run more than 11,000 miles across America, Mexico and Canada, passing a torch for peace among school children and adults in an effort to promote harmony and friendship.

Even though the runners may not physically be present in Rockland this year, the spirit of the run continues.

Not to be daunted by travel restrictions, runners around the world have been dedicating their miles run at home to peace in the spirit of oneness. Runners are participating in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Iceland, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mongolia, Nepal, Russia and the U.S.

To continue the mission of spreading peace, an art project was created and titled "Expressions of Peace." Children can submit drawings, paintings or photographs along with short statements about why it sparks peace within themselves.

One student in New York City labeled his photograph, “We are the fire that lights Lady Liberty’s Torch.” A ninth grader said, “…in order for us to find peace, we need to work together as a whole. We need to stop fighting against each other, instead we need to work together so we can get through the hard times.”

Creative artwork has been posted on the Peace Run website from New York City, San Diego, Washington, Canada and Russia, among others.

The Peace Run has been to over 160 countries worldwide since its beginning in 1987, with more than seven million participants. The 16,000-mile European Peace Run that goes through 44 countries is also being run virtually by international athletes.

Runners and artists of all ages and abilities are invited to join by dedicating their steps to peace or sending their artwork to be shared on the Peace Run website. Together we can make a difference.