RSU 13 Community and Adult Education will offer a program that plans to prepare students for college level coursework by building both skills and confidence. It is supported by the UMA-Rockland Center and has been held on campus for the past five years.

This year, staff anticipates a face-to-face orientation at UMA-Rockland Center, which will be followed by online classes via Zoom meetings.

For this fall semester, College Next will begin Sept. 9. This program will aid locals who have been thinking about starting college for the first time, returning to finish a degree or to brush up on computer and mathematical skills.

College Next consists of three sections. Students can take any combination that meets their personal needs and schedule. The three sections include an introduction course, which is worth three credits and covers study skills, financial aid and career planning, an English skill building course to improve Accuplacer scores, and a math skill building course to also improve Accuplacer scores.

All instructions are free, supply fees not included. Call 594-9764 to register.