Brodis Blueberries is announcing the opening of a new 2,700 square foot production space and storefront at 87 Jones Hill Road in Hope.

The new facility is being used to process and sell Brodis wild Maine blueberries, both fresh and frozen. The storefront provides an area for people to come see the packing of fresh berries, pick up orders, and get a stunning view of Alford Lake, all within a COVID-friendly area.

“This new facility right on the blueberry farm allows for a short turnaround time from harvest to your table,” said Heidi Baker, granddaughter of owner, Gwen Brodis. Gwen’s father Earl Norwood Sr. (as well as generations prior to him) maintained the blueberries and slowly acquired more land where Brodis Blueberries now operates.

For over 150 years, Maine wild blueberries have been harvested from the family land on Jones Hill Road in Hope, using best land practices and care for the blueberries.

Each year, the family-run operation has been working towards the next steps for Brodis Blueberries. The new building is a testament to Brodis Blueberries' dedication to keeping family land in agriculture and a passion for providing local food for the community.

In 1967 Gwen and Richard Brodis Sr. purchased the farm and soon after, began selling fresh-pack blueberries and other assorted veggies on Route 1 in Rockport — later moving the sales to 367 Buzzell Hill Road in Hope.

During this time, Richard Brodis Sr. labored to keep the land open, maintain the blueberries and to mill out wood, which he stored in preparation to build a building of this size to move the blueberry operation forward. His children and grandchildren have worked tirelessly to get this new facility ready for 2020!

Brodis Blueberries is proud to welcome everyone to their new location. Visitors are advised to make sure their GPS takes them up Jones Hill Road on the Hope town side (not Appleton).

To place an order, visit, email or call 207-790-3985.