This is for the first half of August 2020 Astrologically Speaking. I love writing this and sharing it with all of you. The next half will be posted here in time, I promise.*


August 1 – 4 Mars in Aries is in an awkward aspect to Jupiter in Capricorn. You’ll have so much energy you won’t know what to do first. That’s great—just don’t overdo it and end up exhausted. Seek to be more organized than usual because this aspect will have you in action before you’ve figured out what you’re doing. If you want to complete your project properly, you can. Remember it usually demands patience and preparation. This aspect could have you dive in too fast.

*August 3 The Full Moon takes place at 11:58 a.m. with the Sun at 11 degrees Leo opposite the Moon at 11 degrees of Aquarius, with Uranus in a tight, challenging, 90 degree aspect to this Full Moon. Upsets come about suddenly and cause uprisings and disappointments. This happens just when we thought some kind of progress was being made. Anger and tension fill the atmosphere. There is fear to be dealt with… and overcome. Don’t take any unnecessary risks at this time.

August 4 Venus in Gemini is awkwardly aspecting Saturn in Capricorn bringing about disappointments in other’s behavior. You observe yourself pulling away emotionally and feeling upset about it. You’re wondering if you’re being too strict with your principles.

August 4 – 19 Mercury enters Leo. Mercury in this “fixed fire” sign has strong opinions and doesn’t hold back. There’s a tendency during this phase to see things as right or wrong, good or bad. This kind of thinking is known as “divisive.”  It will need to be addressed diplomatically if it comes up in a family setting. Otherwise tense situations become a daily occurrence.

August 7 – September 6 Venus is also changing signs. Venus moves into nurturing Cancer. Cancer is a “cardinal water” sign, which means activity (cardinal) in the realm of water = emotions and sharing feelings. With Venus here there are usually family gatherings taking place during this season.. It’s a time to take the opportunity to learn more about your family history and your ancestors, if you’re interested. Those in need of nurturance and emotional support will find that there are more ready and willing givers available than you ever realized!

August 8 – 10 Mercury in Leo is in a difficult aspect with Uranus in Taurus. Both are “fixed signs,” and people tend to stick to their opinions, no matter what, when this particular aspect in place. Mercury in a fixed sign = strong principles, awareness of who’s got the power, pride in position, and a reputation for being stubborn. Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. That gives you a rough idea of how tough this period might be. Fixed signs in this aspect imply that there are karmic lessons to be resolved, which did not get resolved in other life times and has created collective karma. Glad to know of the court case declaring half of Oklahoma belongs to the Cherokee nation end of “Trail of Tears” horrible thing we white people did to the Natives of America in order to make more space for slaves to pick cotton. Yikes, and I love cotton. I lived outside of Tahlequah, Ok for over 2 yrs. 1993 – 1996 which is the end of the Trail of Tears. Very depressing area (you could feel the sadness in the atmosphere!)  pretty much all were on “welfare,” at that time and struggling with alcoholism, at least that was my observation. With Mercury in Leo there are beliefs that have been held dear for too many lifetimes. This is collectively experienced. Pride and arrogance get in the way of hearing what each other is saying. Try to be more open-minded, and strive to break out of old patterns of thinking that do not fit who you are today. These patterns go back lifetimes! Racism. Slavery. Prejudice. Is this the foundation of America? Let us build a new foundation, now.

August 9 – 15 A configuration called a “Yod” has formed with four planets. The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune are creating placements that cause a mathematical configuration to be activated that has to do with sense of purpose, mission, and karma (cause and effect). It will be interesting to find out what is being activated in you. Something needs to be said out loud right now! These four planets have much to do with deception, lying, and the emotions of disillusionment and disappointment in one’s idealism. With Mars about to be in a challenging aspect with Pluto, you’re apt to feel angry and observe others’ anger activating violence at the deceptions now known. This is collective disappointment being felt.

August 10 – 13 Mars is in a challenging aspect with Pluto. These two are known as co-rulers of Scorpio. As you probably know, that means something hidden is coming out and there are deep-seated, very old emotions coming up and out like an earthquake. There might be violence and righteous anger expressed.


August 11 – 13 The Sun/Mercury (so close mathematically to each other now!) are in a serious aspect with Neptune in Pisces suggesting the virus or another virus causing havoc in our lives. Do take this as a warning and take precautions to keep safe from illness (no fun to be sick). Also a time of scams. I have bought online a dress stated to be 100% cotton. I am allergic to any nylon products and/or polyester! Loved the dress. When the dress arrived it was clearly not 100% cotton. Guess what it comes from China and no return address and they keep sending the same form letter with instructions but no return label or return address. So frustrating. So I sent it back to where it came from in China, not knowing what will happen or if I get a refund. But knowing I will never buy from “Annie Cloth,”  "Koandaily" also “Roslinlin”  = all the EXACT same company very deceptive! All promote dresses I love, clearly stated to be 100% cotton, but not true!!! They lied. Might lose the money but cannot will not wear this kind of material. it may sound silly but it is disappointing and such deception is unfair!!


August 13 – 16 The Sun and Mercury are in an awkward aspect with Pluto. This is disruptive and can cause uprisings! The eruptive energy taking place is due to unfulfilled promises made. Many will be upset, although others expected to be let down. Now what? Call or write to your Congress person if this is where the situation is focused for you, or speak to your family or friend who has set off the disappointment in you. Either way you will need to express what is going on for you.

August 13 – 17 The Sun and Mercury in Leo are in a positive aspect with Mars in Aries offering plenty of physical energy. You will no doubt be very active and super busy! The only “problem” at this time is the fact that Pluto is in awkward aspect to the Sun/Mercury in Leo which concerns me.


* Please feel FREE to email me with any questions about what is written here, or if you want me to look up where the Moon was when you were born, but will need to also now your birth time within 4 minutes for that. birth date, time & location of birth, that's just in case your'e curious.