Midcoast Community Chorus Suspends Singing

With great sadness, Midcoast Community Chorus, 11 years a non-auditioned choral group of annually between 100 and 130 singers, has suspended its operations as of July 15. MCC’s Board of Trustees adopted guidance from health and choral experts suggesting that COVID-19 will continue to preclude group singing and concerts for some time.

Although we cannot fulfill our mission to “sing as a community for our community” for an indeterminate time, we fully intend to resume operations when we are convinced it is safe to do so. In the meantime, MCC’s Board will continue to oversee the organization, will maintain its office on Bayview Street, and will maintain its website (www.mccsings.org) and Facebook page.

We will fulfill our 2020 mission to support the work of a local nonprofit organization. MCC’s current beneficiary, the Ripple Initiative (https://www.goripple.org) will receive a grant of five thousand dollars to support its mission to identify and address the critical needs of our community members which are often not met by current programs.

As a chorus, we will miss the joy of singing together and seeing the delight on the faces of our audiences. We will also deeply miss our incredible staff who have provided such excellent artistic and administrative leadership. For all of you who have been part of our musical family, MCC wishes you joyous music and good health until we can be together again!

Penny Dunning

Board Member, Midcoast Community Chorus


Commenting on Beth Connor’s letter

[Ed. note: Connor’s letter was published July 23.]

We are in a war against COVID-19 and for some odd reason there are groups of people that that haven’t been taking this pandemic seriously. I have been horrified at the huge amount of people gathering without safe distancing and wearing masks. Young people have been acting irresponsibly and I’m sure many of them will live to regret it.

Constant washing hands, not touching your face along with sneezing and coughing into your elbow help us all. We should all be united in putting an end to this virus and with all the protocols in place. This administration has been ignoring the medical and scientific experts for too long.

Love thy neighbor and wear your mask.

Susan Kanellakis



Call it what it is

In this time of social upheaval there is so much talk about social distancing.

Distancing, physical distancing, from each other has been pretty well agreed to be wise among the combined efforts to keep COVID-19 at bay.

Distancing, that is, to be six or more feet away from others.

Relating to society is the first meaning of the word “social” and needing companionship is the second meaning,

So, let’s call it what is called for: physical distancing, while from our hearts living the social concept of companionship.

Tom Hopps Camden


A message to Concerned Citizens

I’ve noticed that the “concerned citizens” have gone dark in the last few weeks. I wonder if they are no longer concerned? It's more likely, I suppose, that they’ve found it increasingly difficult to uphold the ever-deteriorating and chaotic right wing ideologies they espouse as modeled by our present administration. I understand their frustration. Our president, along with his lap-dog senate majority leader and the senate majority “toadies” who follow their every whim, represent an inexplicable descent into the rat hole which has become contemporary politics in this country.

However, I have a talking point which may entice the “concerned citizens” back into action.

I’ve noticed several large new flags being flown which read: “TRUMP 2020. NO MORE BULL….!” This is intriguing. Generally, such “off with the gloves” aggressive platitudes would be in opposition to the party in power. In this case, though, Trump is the party in power and has been for more than three years. Likewise, the senate is ruled by Republicans who do pretty much everything Trump wants without question. So, who’s bull…. are these supporters referring to? Their own, I have to presume. Or, is this an unusually candid acknowledgement of the lies, misdeeds and misleading of the last three years and Trump now pledges to reinvent himself into someone we can trust and respect at last? Seems unlikely, but I’m willing to consider this explanation because Trump has certainly reversed himself plenty of times on plenty of other issues.

Any thoughts “concerned citizens?” I hope you’re all well, we miss your interesting perspectives.

John Shepard



Thank you to Dominos

Midcoast Recreation Center would like to thank Dominos on Park Street for their generous support of MRC’s 8U Youth Hockey program. Through Dominos’ sponsorship, MRC will be able to provide a hockey jersey for every kid participating in the 8U hockey program this year.

Dominos on Park Street has been a great supporter of the youth hockey program at MRC for many years, fully sponsoring the end of the season pizza party for the hockey kids for the past three years, and now funding jerseys for the 8U hockey kids for the second year in a row. It is thanks to the help of sponsors like Dominos that MRC has been able to outfit and support nearly 50 kids each season, helping to keep them healthy and active through the sport of hockey.

It’s the great support from organizations like Dominos that allows us to keep affordable hockey programs going here in Midcoast Maine. It is only through community support like this that MRC is able to provide free youth hockey and tennis programs, as well as scholarships to people in their community.

If your business is interested in being a sponsor for MRC’s arena programs, please reach out to Jesse@midcoastrec.org or call MRC’s front desk at 236-9400 and ask for Jesse.

Jesse Simko, Arena Director, MRC



Thank you to Lincolnville residents

Coastal Mountains Land Trust is grateful to the residents of Lincolnville for their overwhelming support of a land exchange proposal that they successfully voted to approve. Nearly 90% of voters were in favor of trading a beautiful 4-acre park on Penobscot Bay, owned by the Land Trust, for a 69-acre parcel on the Ducktrap River owned by the town of Lincolnville. We look forward to moving ahead with this creative transaction.

The Land Trust has been working since 1995, as part of the Ducktrap Coalition, to conserve the corridor of this important river, home to a population of endangered Atlantic Salmon and other species. Our Ducktrap River Preserve is currently 1,941 acres and with this addition, will grow to 2,010 acres. The parcel of land is nearly surrounded by other conserved land and will be permanently conserved, including 3,000 feet of riverfront. Just like all our preserves, this land will be open to low-impact recreation and maintained in a natural condition forever. We will be inviting people to explore this preserve once the transaction is complete.

The Land Trust has held a conservation easement on the Penobscot Park private park for a number of years, and it was recently given to us to own and manage. We immediately realized it could be better cared for as a municipal public park than as one of our preserves which, while open to the public, would not provide a park experience like the town could offer.

This unique land exchange was only made possible with the support of the donor of the land who expressly agreed that trading it to the town of Lincolnville to achieve additional conservation along the Ducktrap River was a good purpose. The Land Trust never trades or sells land that it is gifted without the explicit permission of the donor. And our motivation for such an exchange would only be to achieve additional conservation. We look forward to the day when the park is fully open to the public.

While the transaction is not quite complete, we didn’t want to wait to say a sincere and heartfelt “Thank- you” to the Lincolnville residents!

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or thoughts on this innovative land exchange.


Judy Wallingford, Board President

Ian Stewart, Executive Director

Coastal Mountains Land Trust