Rockland police say there appears to have been no law broken but are investigating a report of a man who displayed a gun after someone pointed out he was not wearing a mask inside a shop.

Rockland Police received the report July 27 of the incident that occurred at Dunkin Donuts. Police said the department received the report from a customer two hours after it occurred.

According to the person, a man was in line at the Rockland shop and not wearing a face covering. The other customer pointed that out and the man reportedly said he could not wear a mask because he was wearing "this" and pulled up his shirt to show a handgun in his waistband.

Rockland Police Chief Christopher Young said Wednesday, July 29 that a further investigation into the matter, by reviewing a video, shows that the man did not pull up his shirt to show a concealed handgun but instead shifted his body to show the other customer that he had a gun.

The man made no other comments and did not brandish the weapon. The store staff was not made aware of the incident until police followed up after the call from the other customer.

The chief said while the video has no audio, the man with the gun did not make any threatening gestures.

In Maine, citizens can legally carry a concealed gun or open carry a gun. Face coverings, however, are required inside stores. Chief Young said July 29 that it is legal in Maine to wear a mask while carrying a gun.

Police said they have not yet been able to identify who the man with the gun is.