Regarding new flags and concerned citizens

I’ve noticed that the “concerned citizens” have gone dark in the last few weeks. I wonder if they are no longer concerned? It's more likely, I suppose, that they’ve found it increasingly difficult to uphold the ever-deteriorating and chaotic right wing ideologies they espouse as modeled by our present administration.

I understand their frustration. Our President along with his lap-dog senate majority leader and the senate majority “toadies” who follow their every whim, represent an inexplicable descent into the rat hole which has become contemporary politics in this country.

However, I have a talking point which may entice the “concerned citizens” back into action.

I’ve noticed several large new flags being flown which read: TRUMP 2020. NO MORE BULL-! This is intriguing. Generally, such “off with the gloves” aggressive platitudes would be in opposition to the party in power. In this case, though, Trump is the party in power and has been for more than three years. Likewise, the senate is ruled by Republicans who do pretty much everything Trump wants without question.

So, who’s bull are these supporters referring to? Their own, I have to presume. Or, is this an unusually candid acknowledgement of the lies, misdeeds and misleading of the last three years and Trump now pledges to reinvent himself into someone we can trust and respect at last? Seems unlikely, but I’m willing to consider this explanation because Trump has certainly reversed himself plenty of times on plenty of other issues.

Any thoughts “concerned citizens?” I hope you’re all well, we miss your interesting perspectives.

John Shepard


A note of compassionate thanks

Recently, our family had to manage the difficult passing of our beloved father. Our family wants to thank all of the health care personnel at the Penbay Medical Center, the community Hospice Team, Sussman House and the Knox County community that has sustained this unbelievable network of caring and compassionate professionals. Your support and services sustained us and we owe you all a great debt of gratitude.

Thank you for your service and thank you for creating a community powered by love.

Richard Lombardi, on behalf of the Lombardi family

Owls Head