The Sewing Circle's "Fisherman Doll’s Wife" turns 40 years old this year! Joining in the celebration will be The Fisherman, their Children, Lobsterettes, Mermaids, King Neptune and many specialty dolls.

Due to COVID-19, some did not arrive in time to be included for this year's doll fair.

The fair, located at Rt. 131, 843 Port Clyde Road, will be held Wednesday, Aug. 5, from 10 to 11 a.m., or until the last person served. Those attending must wear masks and will receive a number in the order of arrival. A limited number will be admitted into the church at a time. We will sanitize your hands as you enter.

Contact Sewing Circle President Terry Bomba at 372-8082 for more information, or if anyone would like to join the Sewing Circle meetings.