The war against COVID-19

I think about this COVID- 19 pandemic a lot, as do most other people, I imagine. I wonder how history will remember this battle, and it is a battle we are fighting against this virus. It is clear, if one follows the science and not the politics, what we can each do to conquer this virus. Wear a mask, social distance, wash our hands, don’t touch our faces.

Places that did not do this are paying the price. I am puzzled when I see people who refuse to participate in the battle to conquer this virus. I consider it my patriotic duty to protect this country, as best I can. And I wonder how many deaths it will take for all Americans to come together and join the fight.

I was looking at the deaths in wars that we have fought. There have been 1833 combat deaths in Afghanistan, so far. There were 3836 combat deaths in the Iraq War. 33,686 combat deaths in the Korean War. 47,424 combat deaths in the Vietnam War. 53,402 combat deaths in WWI. 234,414 combat deaths in the Civil War. 291,557 combat deaths in WWII. So far there have been 138,000 deaths in this COVID -19 War. It was 132,000 last week when I started thinking about this. And I’m sure it will be higher by the time this is printed.

How many more need to die before all Americans come together and join the battle to protect this country?

Beth Connor




How many people in this country have to die before Collins and her Republican enablers decide to protect us?

Robert Williams


Thank you to Dominos

Midcoast Recreation Center would like to thank Dominos on Park Street for their generous support of MRC’s 8U Youth Hockey program. Through Dominos’ sponsorship, MRC will be able to provide a hockey jersey for every kid participating in the 8U hockey program this year.

Dominos on Park Street has been a great supporter of the youth hockey program at MRC for many years, fully sponsoring the end of the season pizza party for the hockey kids for the past three years, and now funding jerseys for the 8U hockey kids for the second year in a row. It is thanks to the help of sponsors like Dominos that MRC has been able to outfit and support nearly 50 kids each season, helping to keep them healthy and active through the sport of hockey.

It’s the great support from organizations like Dominos that allows us to keep affordable hockey programs going here in Midcoast Maine. It is only through community support like this that MRC is able to provide free youth hockey and tennis programs, as well as scholarships to people in their community.

If your business is interested in being a sponsor for MRC’s arena programs, please reach out to or call MRC’s front desk at 236-9400 and ask for Jesse.


Jesse Simko, Arena Director, MRC