The New Moon always is a new beginning and in comes a rush of energy to support your new projects, ideas for the future and new relationships. Also a great time to set aside time for talents to be expressed and newly explored. A New Moon comes about once a month then 2 weeks later is a Full Moon, as you probably know. the Full Moon tests what you started at the time of the New Moon. You are actually gifted 2 weeks before the Full Moon to go into action and get things moving in a positive direction with positive thoughts about your intentions and vision for manifestation.

Ok, now the truth……….

New Moon precise at 1:33 p.m. is the beginning of more frustration, thanks to Saturn.We can try to  blame it on retrograde Saturn. But there are a bunch of planets retrograde now not just Saturn and Mercury is NOT retrograde …until mid- October~!

This particular new cycle will have you swearing. You will be sure that Mercury must certainly be retrograde with so many obstacles to persist through with patience and fortitude. The Sun (& Moon) both at 28 degrees of Cancer are  directly opposite Saturn at 28 degrees Capricorn. It's a very  challenging time we are entering into, for sure. I have NOT been looking forward to this. A very dear friend just died, and an ex husband of 18 years, whom I still adore & respect greatly, is in the hospital not with COVID-19. This New Moon is already having a strong affect on my natal chart.

So, what to expect and what to learn? Good question, so glad you asked.

This is the time to face reality asking hard questions. Take the best possible care of your body that you can and set out to be more disciplined, somehow. I just completed a  "14 day cleanse," which I needed to deal with digestion and diabetes,it did help. Now to stay sensible with exercise and eating properly for my body, which is not easy for me.

More? Conflicts arise when discussing touchy topics and could even end a friendly relationship or tear apart one that is on shaky ground to begin with. Family members with different world views? Don't attempt to "educate" them to your point of view, it won't work, not now.

Stay clear of people without masks on so not to spread this virus thing. We still do NOT know enough, that's another thing Saturn says about facing reality. Did you know that the "Black Plague of the 1500's began near WuHan China? reality. Karma? A clear Saturn statement.Saturn is always about being careful and honoring the rules. Just read that property taxes are going way up for the South End of Rockland. Ouch!

Wishing you all the best life has to offer.