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Mercury is retrograde until July 12 at exactly 4:26 a.m. This Mercury retrograde phase began June 18 at 1 a.m. The next time Mercury will be retrograde is October 13 until November 3, Voting day! There are many planets retrograde, always during summer. Now there’s Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto all retrograde. I say, “Keep your masks on while in public.”


June 15 – July 15 Jupiter is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Transformative changes come about worldwide that will benefit humanity. Laws are upgraded to bring about respect and honesty, which as you know, are greatly needed. This conjunction of two powerful planets will take place one more time, during the entire month of November. I am looking forward to it. Perhaps we will have someone who is honest in the White House? This conjunction took place previously this year, from March 18 until April 11. I was taught by Mythic Astrologer, Wendy Ashley, that when an aspect takes place three times like this, there is an initiation on the inner levels that brings about wisdom, change, and a new phase. On a personal note, anyone who was born January 14 – 17, March 14 – 17, May 14 – 17, September 16 – 19, and also November 15 – 18 of any year is positioned for success in both the material and spiritual world. If they take action and make their visionary dreams come true, the cosmos will help them.


June 29 – July 1 The Sun and Mercury are conjunct in Cancer and are in a positive aspect with Uranus in Taurus. Innovations that help you to be more efficient in your care for your home will become publicly known. I just learned that placing mesh bags of garlic bulbs in my yard will get rid of critters that I don’t want hanging out here. I was also told to place a mesh bag of four garlic bulbs on top of my car’s engine. A critter has somehow gotten into my car, even though it’s in my garage with the door and windows shut tightly! Ideas that pop and bring about change are becoming well known. If you are inventive you may need to get your idea patented when Mercury turns direct after July 13. People are more outspoken regarding what can be incorporated to assist those in need. Positive things are happening. It’s been a bumpy, sad, scary road to get to this point.



July 5 Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) 12:44 a.m. with the Moon at 13 degrees of Capricorn directly opposite the Sun at 14 degrees of Cancer. The Lunar Eclipse is somewhat close to the North Node at 29 degrees of Gemini and the South Node at 29 degrees of Sagittarius. In fact that’s why it’s an eclipse because the Full Moon is close to the Nodes (of the Moon). All planets have a south and north node. This is why an eclipse brings about huge influences on society at large. It’s because of the Nodes!! This eclipse (Full Moon) will be focusing our attention on home and family, and changing laws. We want so much to feel proud of our country; there is so much work to be done! This reminds me of the chart I did for January 1, 2020 at 12:00 a.m. The focus was on family for the entire year. We have a bigger picture of what is meant by “family.” We are willing to take a stand for all we call “family,” and not sit back as observers anymore. This is not a comfy time.



July 5 – 8 Mercury is in an awkward aspect with Mars, stirring up anger and possibly more violence. Sharing your opinion might NOT be a good idea. Mercury is still retrograde. Your thoughts may not come out as you would like them to. You could be way too blunt and abrupt setting off defensive remarks from those you are speaking with. anger is right on the edge.



July 10 – 12 The Sun in Cancer is in a positively healing aspect with Neptune in Pisces. Using your voice for toning at each chakra brings a potential for healing to take place. Do you know the sounds for the chakras? According to Jonathan Goldman…"The Chant Master" doing these sounds will help your health and balance your emotions. During these times we need all the help we can get.   See YouTube Jonathan Goldman sounds for chakras if interested, you can find it easily. He used to live in Maine now lives in Boulder, Co. He used to be very active with the annual Healing Arts Festivals, now he's famous.



July 12 – Mercury turns direct today at 4:26 a.m. It may take a day or three to completely clear up all the mistakes and missed communications that need to take place. Hopefully your car is ok by now. My 20-year-old Honda Civic (named Carla-la-la) is in the shop right now (it's June 26 today)  with a leaky power steering issue. Last week it was a leaky small rusted pipe connected to the gas tank that needed replacing. Ahh, Carla-la-la home but still signs of leak, smaller but still leaking. bah humbug, have to bring car back to mechanic and see what else is going on.Typical mercury retrograde incident, because I know that I'm not too upset. I trust my car mechanic, he's a genius. i know…my car is an elder so things break down. I love my car it has a standard shift, and I do not like automatics.


July 12 – 15 The Sun opposite Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn is bringing about dealings with those who seek to overpower and manipulate you (and me). Strong opinions are expressed and may not be accurate because they have been designed with calculated agendas. Those with a positive outlook may have an exaggerated perspective at this time. Being hopeful does not make it so. I’m still learning to be with “what is.” Idealism is lovely, but it’s a setup for a letdown if attached to outcome.



July 18 – 20 The Sun is opposite Saturn, which has now retrograded back into Capricorn, having been in Aquarius since March 21 of this year. When the Sun is opposite Saturn there are important lessons to be learned. One is dealing with someone who tests your patience, and then you find similarities between you and that person which you’d rather not be finding. Of course, this is a gift to help you learn what you need to turn around and forgive within yourself (me, too). People with Saturn conjunct their Sun in Capricorn are those born January 16 – 21 of any year. These folks will be under the heavy hand of Saturn’s teachings until January 2021. Doing well with Saturn is creating a healthy routine for loving your body and refreshing your positive affirmations about yourself, and being honest about habits and old outdated beliefs that need to be identified and released. That would please Saturn. Other than that, Saturn will do whatever it takes to get your attention in order for you to take best care of yourself. Saturn is strict.


*I will print the second half of July when it becomes close to that time.

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