The past few fall seasons, the Medomak Valley girls soccer program enjoyed a resurgence under head coach Bri Morrill.

However, the Panthers, with uncertain times in the athletic landscape ahead, will be forced to look for a replacement for the next pitch season as Morrill submitted her resignation to athletic director Matt Lash.

Morrill said it was a difficult decision, but, at the end of the day, it was “a family matter.”

“We just welcomed our second son, Theo, in April,” said the 27-year-old Morrill. “With everything going on [with COVID-19], we have decided to forgo putting Theo and Maddux in daycare. Caring for a newborn and my 6-year-old, running a business and coaching did not seem possible. I needed to lighten the load. I am a person who puts 100 percent into everything I do, and I felt that I could not do that with so many responsibilities on my plate.”

Morrill took over the Panther coaching job a few games into the 2017 season after the previous coach, Larry Jensen, stepped down for personal reasons.

That season, the Panthers finished 3-11-1, but qualified for the playoffs. Over the next two seasons, Morrill led the Panthers to two straight regional semifinal appearances — one in Class B North and one in Class B South — and guided Medomak Valley to a 21-8-5 record over that span and overall mark of 24-19-6.

"We certainly hate to see her go, but as I told her and the girls, I support her decision 100 percent," said Lash. "I applaud her for putting her family first. These are challenging times and she is doing the right thing. She made an incredible impact in the time she led the program. Bri was a positive role model for her girls and could get the absolute best and most out of each one. As a young coach, I hope she gets the opportunity to impact young athletes again in the future, as she did at Medomak Valley. She will be missed indeed."

Panther assistant coach Darryl Townsend said Morrill’s departure is “a huge loss.”

“She was a blessing to that place [and] that’s a huge loss for those kids,” said Townsend. “She was already doing a good job and she was only getting better as a coach. I was proud and happy to work with her and assist in any manner I could.”

Townsend added “the environment and culture changed in her time there, she was a huge part of that and it’s easy to coach with someone like that.”

Morrill and her husband, Luke, own Fixtures Designer Plumbing Showroom in Rockland. She added that “our jayvee and volunteer assistants are helping the girls through the summer” until a new varsity coach is tabbed.