Lincolnville Central School eighth graders drove by Lincolnville Beach June 16, where crowds of people cheered them on in a social distancing promotion to high school. The school has been closed since March 16 because of the coronavirus.

A few dozen people gathered along the sidewalk with signs and balloons for the 28 students, who waved and pointed as they drove by. The parade-style promotion was accompanied by a Waldo County Sheriff's Office car and the Lincolnville Fire Department.

Drive-through high school graduations and middle school promotions have taken the place of traditional ceremonies to accommodate social distancing requirements because of the coronavirus.

Principal Paul Russo said the school was happy that the students were able to participate in an event recognizing their accomplishments. The drive-through was organized by parents after an online celebration planned by the school.

“We all worked together to make the best of a difficult situation and give our students the credit they deserve for persevering through the last few months of their time at the Lincolnville Central School,” he wrote in an email. “We are very proud of them all.”