Hundreds of signs recognizing 2020 high school graduates have appeared all over Rockport within the past week.

At Camden Hills Regional High School, large full-color poster-size signs with the yearbook photo of each graduate are hung all around the track fence. School administration came up with the idea of hanging the waterproof posters outdoors and attaching plastic holders filled with colored markers around the fence. Friends, family and community members have been stopping by and filling the posters with comments and well wishes. The photo display also greets students and family members attending diploma presentation ceremonies, which take place throughout the day June 8 and 9.

Signs lining Route 90 with the names of each graduate and school logo were the inspiration of one member of the CHRHS 2020 Parent Group. Brooke Kehoe came up with the plan to create and fundraise for "Signs for every CHRHS senior" to recognize every graduate. A total of 51 individuals and businesses raised the $2,500 needed in six days for 175 signs created by Adventure Advertising. The signs begin at the Route 1 and 90 intersection, and continue past the entrance to the high school.

Another group of signs are set up in a grassy field by the CedarWorks company at 799 Commercial St. (Route 1). The display celebrates 2020 high school graduates from six high schools: Camden Hills, Oceanside, Medomak, Belfast, Watershed and Wayfinder, and will be in place for a week beginning June 8.