The number of active cases of Mainers with COVID-19 reached a new high Saturday as a Waldo County woman became the 64th person with the virus to die.

There were an additional 34 statewide cases of COVID-19 reported by the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention on Saturday, May 9, bringing the total number of cases since the outbreak began to 1,408.

There were an additional 21 recoveries, bringing that to 857.

There was one additional death reported of a patient diagnosed with COVID-19, a woman older than 80 from Waldo County. That is the 64th person since the first death March 27.

The number of active cases increased by 12 to 487. This is the most active cases since the outbreak began inĀ  March.

Maine CDC Director Dr. Nirav Shah said Tuesday that 269 of the confirmed cases of the new virus were contracted by health care workers.

The active Knox County cases remained at five on Saturday with 18 cases overall with 13 recoveries. Two Knox County residents have been hospitalized by the new virus.

Waldo County active cases dropped to three on Saturday with 49 overall cases, 32 recoveries, and the 14 deaths. The cases and deaths have been largely concentrated at the Tall Pines long term care center in Belfast.

Lincoln County's active cases decreased to three on Saturday with 15 cases and 12 recoveries.

The number of people hospitalized statewide with COVID-19 increased to 43 on Saturday. Twenty-two people are in critical care units and 10 of those people are on respirators. Both those numbers are increases from the previous day.

The number of people who tested negative for the virus was 22,092 as of May 6.

Of the people who tested positive as of Saturday, the Maine CDC reports most were people in their 50s, which accounted for 278 of the confirmed cases since the outbreak started. There have been 228 people in their 60s, 217 in their 40s, 173 in their 70s, 165 who were 80 or older, 159 in their 30s, 154 in their 20s, and 34 who were younger than 20.

Fifty-four percent of the confirmed cases have been women and 46 percent men.