Here in Camden, Maine, where the mountains meet the sea, every year from Thanksgiving through the Christmas season a large star is erected on the top Mt. Battie and illuminated through the night until morning. A star in the sky has been a symbol of the Christmas season throughout the Christian world for centuries.

That Christmas star has now, once again, been placed on the top of Mt. Battie in April as a symbol of hope during a really tough time for our community, the country, and the world. The coronavirus has many people sick and/or frightened from the sickness itself, loss of employment, and isolation. Maine has been spared the huge number of people sick and/or dying, mainly because of our remote location and low population numbers. However, to those who are sick or have lost loved ones, this coronavirus has been an especially tough experience. Is it possible for a star in the sky to provide hope?

That original star in the sky was full of hope as it was a sign of coming to earth of God’s Son, Jesus Christ. The Christmas star was the message of hope because as we are told in the Bible in Matthew 1:21, God sent His Son to “save His people.” Who are His people? They are those who place their hope in Jesus Christ.

Is it possible at this time for a star in Camden’s sky to provide hope? It certainly is possible. We live in the most fabulous country that has ever existed in history. Statistics are telling us that 98% of those who become sick will recover. However, the vast majority of Americans will not even become sick. We will get back to family and friends being able to gather, we will get back to work, and we will get back to the leisure activities that we enjoy.

There is a greater way that the star in the sky can provide hope. As already stated, that original star was a message of hope in the One who would come to save His people. Jesus Christ was born, grew into manhood, taught us how to live our lives, and is the hope that can enable a person to cope with incredible stress and hardship. The hope of Christmas is the reality of Jesus Christ coming to this earth. Good Friday and Easter Sunday give us the hope that the resurrection victory of Jesus Christ over death can provide His people with the will to endure this stress and hardship.

Our president, scientists, and doctors have told us that we are fighting an actual war with an invisible enemy. While the enemy is invisible, the enemy is still very real. In any war there are those who suffer and, yes, tragically, even die. Mitigation efforts are making progress against the virus. However, the country is going to need to move forward and that will probably still result in some stress, hardship, and maybe even more death.

As I write this, Easter Sunday is imminent and will have past as you read this, and hopefully that star in the night sky will still be shining. The star can provide hope. However, that hope should not be in the star itself, but in the One, Jesus Christ, who came to give us hope.

Another View is a Maine Press Association award-winning column written by Midcoast conservative citizens/writers Jan Dolcater, Ken Frederic, Paul Ackerman, Doc Wallace and Dale Landrith Sr.