A State Street duplex that the City declared an abandoned and dangerous structure nearly two-and-half years ago is on the sales market.

The 13-15 State St. property went on the market April 15. The property had been in a legal limbo for several years. A mortgage company began foreclosure proceedings but did not finalize until November 2019.

The property's owner is now listed as Federal National Mortgage Association of Washington, D,C. (Fannie Mae). Fannie Mae often purchases mortgages from other lending institutions. The mortgage was held previously by PHH Mortgage Corp. of Bowie, Md. until Fannie Mae purchased it for $147,800 on Feb. 25 of this year.

Rockland Code Enforcement Officer Adam Ackor said he checked on the property April 15 and it was still in the same condition as it had been in past checks.

The Rockland City Council voted unanimously December 2017 to declare 13 State St. an abandoned and dangerous building and gave the mortgage holder 60 days to submit plans for how it will immediately repair or demolish the building.

The mortgage company never followed through on repairs and the city never followed through on demolition.

The city received its first complaint about the two-unit State Street building in July 2016 and sent a formal notice of violation to the owner in February 2017. The residential property has been vacant for at least five years.

The house at 13 State St. is a duplex, built in about 1870, with nearly 1,900 square feet of living space situated on one seventh of an acre. The property was purchased in 2004 for $115,000 by Theodore Eaton, who lost it in the bank foreclosure.

The mortgage holder paid the property taxes to preserve its interest in the property. Otherwise, the city could have foreclosed on the property.

The supporting timbers on the southeast side of the house are decaying badly, there was significant black and white mold growing inside from a leaky roof, portions of the cellar are open, allowing rodents and small animals to enter, according to an August 2017 report by the code office.

At a 2018 meeting, then Mayor Valli Geiger criticized the bank, pointing out the building has been vacant for years and the bank has not taken responsibility for maintaining it. She said the city has numerous properties in the community where banks are not keeping up buildings.

The property is on the market for $62,000.

The city has the land assessed at $26.400 and the building at $94,800.