Just like everyone else, we have had to make some adjustments at Courier Publications to deal with the global pandemic.

The COVID-19 outbreak wreaked havoc on the national and local economies and many of your local businesses, including ours, are facing major challenges right now. As a result, we have had to make some changes aimed at reducing costs.

The biggest change Knox County readers may notice is that we have combined The Camden Herald and The Courier-Gazette temporarily into one publication, though we still sell them separately under their own mastheads. We apologize for any confusion that has caused at newsstands last week.

This saves us printing costs and makes our work more efficient at the graphic design level. We still have our reporters gathering all of the local news in Knox County including the five towns and, in addition, to providing it in print each week, we are offering it at Knox.VillageSoup.com.

The support you give us by picking up a copy of the paper at the newsstand or buying an online subscription to VillageSoup helps ensure that we can continue to provide independent watchdog journalism and human interest stories, sports coverage, politics and more each week. It helps provide for the employees of Courier Publications including designers, book keepers, office staff, sales people, writers, editors and others who may be your friends or neighbors.

We ask that you continue to support us where you can along with other local businesses and organizations in this community.

We are offering free two-month online memberships during this crisis for readers online who need their local news. You can access this at the top of our sites, Knox.VillageSoup.com and Waldo.VillageSoup.com. If you are able to pay, we ask that you sign up for a membership to support this local business and you are welcome to pay for a neighbor to have a membership as well.

Thank you for considering this.

We remain committed to providing consistent, accurate, comprehensive news coverage in this area, and we know that together we will all get through this.