From the desk of Executive Director Tracy Sala,

It’s a bit strange here at the shelter. Not quiet, as the dogs still bark and the phone still rings, now more than ever, but…empty. We are being cautious and safe by following the recommendations of the CDC.

So, our doors are closed to the public, we have limited staff and we asked the volunteers to stay home for their safety. Which, I have to say, is difficult for us and them because volunteers are driven to help, especially in a crisis, as by nature they lead with their hearts. We appreciate and thank them for their patience and understanding.

As an essential service through the Governor’s office, our staff members are still reporting to the shelter every day to care for the animals. We continue to provide many of our services – adoptions, relinquishments, stray holds, etc. but at a safe distance, by appointment only and armed with hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes.

While it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the constant barrage of COVID-19 information, and by all means heed the warnings to stay safe, don’t forget to find the joy in some of the predictable, normal things in life.

The birds are back as nature’s alarm clock at 5 a.m., the crocuses are popping out through the leaves you didn’t get to rake up last fall and Vanellope, one of our pregnant mammas, gave birth to five kittens on Friday and Lilith had three. You can always count on kitten season.

The reduction in foot traffic is also allowing some of our residents, like Gooney, a middle-aged gal with a bit of a waddle, the ability to get out of her cage and freely roam the lobby. She happily runs up to greet you (this is where the waddle comes in to play) and immediately plops down by your feet to get some belly rubs. You can find her video on our Facebook page. It will make you smile.

You make us smile with your continued support with donations of food and supplies from our wish list and financial gifts. Thank you. With your help, we can continue to be the safety net for our community pets and the people who love them.

We look forward to when we can swing our front doors wide open and say “Come on in”. In the meantime, take comfort in the company of your family, be they two or four legged, check on your neighbors and know that we are here ensuring animals in our community are not forgotten and getting the care they need. If you need help, we are here to help in whatever way we can. Stay safe.

Wish list: Clorox Wipes, Purina kitten chow, pate style chicken recipe canned cat food, cleaning supplies, gift certificates to Hannaford, Walmart and other local businesses. Thank you for your support.