The town of Friendship held an election on eight articles March 16 an open town meeting March 17.

Incumbent Arthur Thompson won the selectman seat with 239 votes. Stewart Harrington received 125.

Pamela Cabanas won the uncontested Assessor’s position with 293 votes.

Article three to spend $6,500 for fireworks on the evening of Saturday, July 25, as part of Friendship Day passed, 207 yes to 158 no.

Article four to spend $10,500 for automatic handicapped doors at the town office and Hahn community center passed with a vote of 210 yes and 148 no.

Article five, an amendment to the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance to change the zoning map to allow boat repairs on a private property passed, 250 yes to 96 no.

Article six, an amendment to the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance to resolve a conflict between the Flood Zone Ordinance and Shoreland Ordinance passed, 256 yes to 85 no.

Some properties have been flooding every year and water is coming into the homes. This amendment raises the height limit to allow these residents to raise their homes.

Article seven, an amendment to the land use ordinance to allow the town to take action against private homes with unsanitary accumulation of garbage passed, 301 yes to 51 no.

Article seven, the purchase of a new fire truck passed, 214 yes to 148 no.

The purchase will cost $75,000 from different area. The town will take $25,000 each from the vehicle replacement fund, the general fund and the automobile excise fund. The town will borrow $225,000 to pay for the rest.

The town office in Friendship will be closed for the next two weeks following state guidelines.

Office employees will be available to answer phone calls.