Nomination papers are available for open positions on the Board of Selectmen, school board and Budget Committee.

There are two open seats on the Board of Selectmen currently held by Jon Fishman and Josh Gerritsen. Both are serving their first three-year terms, which end June 30.

Gerritsen, Frank Capria and David Michael (Mike) Ray have taken out papers for the positions, but have not yet returned them.

The Budget Committee has three open three-year terms and two two-year terms. For the three-year terms, Dorothy Ann Lanphear has taken out and returned nomination papers, and Charles Edward O'Brien has taken out papers.

The Lincolnville Central School Committee has two openings for three-year terms, currently held by Rebecca Stephens and Briar Lyons. John Williams has taken out and returned papers and Tracee O'Brien has taken out papers.

Nomination papers can be obtained at the Town Office. They are due back by April 10 prior to the close of business that day.

The minimum number of signatures from registered Lincolnville residents is 25, and the maximum number of signatures is 100.