If you don't already know I have a son, Everett, and he's a year-and-a-half old as of this month.

When it comes to children at our company, to the best of my knowledge, I have the youngest, since I'm one of the younger employees, so Everett is always "the talk of the town."

My son started walking in November to the enjoyment of my wife, Meagan, and I, but for almost a year now, Everett has been able to throw a ball like it's nobody's business.

And I mean throw it.

We have all sizes of balls lying around the house, from cat-sized — because they are for the cats — to a large rubber blue ball Everett needs two hands to throw, and a couple of medium-sized ones which he can pick up with one hand.

Balls always seem to be on his mind, considering when we go to Walmart and walk by the ball bin, he screams out "ball" and we have to be the horrible parents we are and tell him "no, we have them at home," to which he kicks and screams and throws a "terrible twos" tantrum.

The balls Everett has at home, and can pick up with one hand, are the ones we need to watch for, especially me, since he's already pegged me in the face a few times unexpectedly, to which my son then stares at me and says, "uh-oh." I should probably invest in a catcher's mask, and eventually a glove.

I'm convinced our son will become a baseball player because of his throwing, but my wife thinks I'm nuts — which is a normal thought for her by the way.

Everett still can't catch when we throw a ball to him, but he can field them if they are rolling, so I'm thinking he'll be a future third baseman based on the info we've "scouted" in his short time on this planet.

We can sit across the living room as Everett throws the ball and he get it to us in the air, or on one hop, something a third baseman needs to be required to do. Before we know it we will have to progress to the hallway to get his throwing strength up.

I may have to hire someone to work on his mechanics so he's ready for Little League in a couple of years — if it's in the budget, of course.

If Everett continues on this path I see a future first-round draft choice. It doesn't matter which team he plays for — although the Red Sox are ideal and Yankees, ehh, not so much — because I'll still love him no matter what.

If baseball is not in his future, that's okay as well. This is all probably a pipe dream anyway, because he will wind up in chorus, band, dance or something else that isn't baseball, or sports for that matter.

As long as he is happy, though, I will be too.