Rockport residents have signed two petitions regarding the building of a hotel downtown.

The proposed hotel is owned by Stuart Smith, who bought the property under the name 20 Central Street LLC. Company representative Tyler Smith could not be reached for comment.

The first petition aims to amend the Land Use Ordinance to allow for only 40 maximum rooms in the hotel and only 20 of those for guest rooms. The number of guest rooms in the hotel will go from 26 to 20 if the amendment is approved.

Clare Tully of Rockport believes this amendment to be fair to the hotel owners. The other hotel Smith owns, 16 Bay View Hotel in Camden, only has 21 rooms.

The second petition would amend the ordinance to require a traffic study before the waiver of parking requirements or the approval of off-site parking and shared parking. The traffic study would prove whether or not the on-site parking is adequate and will not cause traffic problems or safety concerns.

“We are requiring the town to do what they should be doing,” Tully said.

She argues other municipalities do impact studies. “The planning board has one more chance to ask for an impact study,” said Tully.

If an impact study is asked for, the developer would pay for the study, and the town would oversee the study.

Petition signers must be registered voters in Rockport. There is a petition for those who are seasonal residents, who are not registered to vote in the town, and members of other towns who want to lend support to the two petitions.