Members of the Rockport community were treated to a stroll through an inflatable colon March 7 at the YMCA. The inflatable colon helps to raise awareness for colorectal cancer.

Barbara Young, unit coordinator of the Endoscopy Unit at Pen Bay Medical Center, helps set up and run the exhibit. Young said she has been doing this for five years, and this is the first year she has done it at the YMCA.

In years past, the exhibit has been at the medical center. Young said this was her idea to reach more of the community.

Dr. Kirk Bernadino, the primary gastroenterologist, also spent some time helping to raise awareness at the event. Bernadino talked about how colonoscopies can help detect early signs of colorectal cancer.

People were able to stop inside the inflatable colon and look at different kinds of problems colonoscopies can detect. The colon displayed what polyps and colorectal cancer look like inside the colon.

In Maine, colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of new cancer cases and death. Young hopes that by raising awareness, more people will get a colonoscopy.