Election officials in Camden and Rockland had to photocopy Democratic presidential primary ballots Tuesday as the number of people wanting to vote in that contest exceeded expectations.

Voter turnout was high in Camden March 3, with the town giving out an entire roll of 1,000 "I Voted Today" stickers before 3 p.m. and having to photocopy Democratic presidential primary election ballots.

Town Clerk Katrina Oakes said that the town is allowed to use the leftover absentee ballots for the Democratic presidential primary, and they were just about to run out of those.

She obtained permission of the Maine Secretary of State to begin photocopying the Democratic ballots, which had to be hand counted, she said.

Oakes said she wished Camden had been given more ballots, but she understands that the number of ballots is based on the number of enrolled Democrats in Camden. Many unenrolled voters, those not registered as Democrat or Republican, were keeping the registrars busy enrolling in a political party to vote. Many were enrolling in the Democratic party, she said.

Oakes said she did not know if it was the presidential primaries or the state referendum on vaccination that was bringing out the large turnout.

Beth Ward, Snow Bowl and Parks and Recreation Director, was volunteering at the polls, helping voters place their ballots in the voting machines, and handing out "I Voted Today" stickers. Oakes said Ward had gone through an entire roll of 1,000 stickers, and had already started on another roll.

Rockland City Clerk Stuart Sylvester said shortly before 5 p.m. that the city has used all 800 of the Democratic primary ballots, and had nearly exhausted the 120 unused absentee ballots for that contest. He too received permission from the Maine Secretary of State to photocopy addition Democratic ballots.

The Rockland city clerk said hundreds of people who were not enrolled in any political party were enrolling in the Democratic party.

In Rockland, there are 2,017 registered Democrats, 1,736 people not enrolled in any party, 1,249 people registered as Republicans, and 194 registered in the Green Party.

Results will be published online at Villagesoup.com tonight as they become available.