The Medomak Valley High School boys freshmen basketball team had its ups and downs during the 2019-20 season, but the ups certainly outnumbered the downs.

Led by coach Paul Berube, the Panthers prowled to a 10-6 record, as many student-athletes took the next step to become potential future years' varsity stars.

Team members included Jaiden Starr, Noah Lawrence, Wyatt Simmons, Evan Burgess, Ivan Murphy, Will Cheesman, Matthew Holbrook, Devin Secotte, Tucker Holgerson, Gatlin Bedenik, Gavin Clark and Jonathan Brann, in addition to managers Nathan Andrick, Mandi Karl and Trishelle Ames.

In their 16 games, the Panthers went 6-2 at home and 4-4 on the road. They averaged 47 points (712 total), while allowing 45 points per game.

“They were a team that worked hard in practices, showed a tremendous amount of improvement as the season progressed, and [were] overall a pleasure to work with,” said Berube. “I look forward to seeing them develop and play on the next level.”

Berube said the team battled various levels of adversity this season, but “when someone was not able to play, they approached it with the next-man-up mentality.”

“As a coach, it was rewarding seeing different players take on more of a role as the season went along,” he said. “It was also nice seeing players step up from minor roles in previous years to starting and playing a major role in the team's success.”

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