A Camden couple plan to open a coffee and gift shop in Rockland that supports President Donald Trump.

Jestin and Carrie Merchant plan to open Covfefe Coffee and Gifts at 325 Old County Road.

A sign has already been erected and a Trump 2020 flag is flying at the property.

Carrie Merchant confirmed Feb. 10 in a brief telephone interview that they plan to open the coffee and gift shop that will be pro-Trump. After confirming their intent, she said she had no other comment and hung up the phone.

The Merchants purchased the property through their limited liability company 325 Old County Road, LLC in December 2011. The property had previously been the home of Dean's Flower Shop.

The name Covfefe comes from a misspelling by President Trump in a 2017 tweet in which the word was supposed to be "coverage." A Covfefe brand of coffee has been created since then with a logo "Making Coffee Great."

The building has been rented out during the past decade to multiple businesses including Snapdragons Flowers and Gifts and Hops and Chops.

In the 2016 presidential election, Democrat Hillary Clinton outpolled Republican Trump 2,023 to 1,209 in Rockland and 11,797 to 8,283 in Knox County.