Ideas about dangerous locations, dangerous habits of pedestrians and motorists and how to make Camden's streets safer will be sought at a community event Thursday, Feb. 6.

"Help Make Camden's Street's Safer" takes place from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at the Camden-Rockport Middle School, 34 Knowlton St. Representatives from Maine Department of Transportation and the Bicycle Coalition of Maine will lead the event.

The recent spike in pedestrian/vehicle crashes will be addressed, according to these organizations.

Information gathered on Feb. 6 is needed in order to prioritize safety improvements in Camden, according to Public Works Director Dave St. Laurent.

The interactive meeting will begin with general questions about pedestrian safety and rules of the road. Participants will each be given electronic clickers to respond to these questions. Next, participants will work in small groups to list their concerns about unsafe locations in Camden and areas that need improvement. At the meeting, a master list of the most dangerous locations and serious concerns will be compiled and ranked.

St. Laurent said the open forum brings together a cross section of community members and those from other areas who use Camden's streets. He is hoping for a good turnout and that a broad range of items needing improvement will be identified. Items can include anything from a pothole or a curb in need of repair, to larger issues that require engineering to fix, he said.

Two follow-up meetings will take place in the future to inform community members about planned improvements, based on input from the meeting.

A town's participation in the pedestrian safety forum can lead to state funding for improvements, according to St. Laurent.