The Board of Selectmen awarded a bid for a new float and delayed the bid award for new decking for the town pier in order to obtain further information.

New float, bid award

The bid for a new 14-foot by 30-foot float was awarded to Dark Harbor Boatyard for the amount of $15,750. Dark Harbor was the second lowest bidder, with the low bid supplied by Islesboro Marine Enterprises. The town received six bids, with the highest bid totaling $38,300.

In introducing the bids, Town Administrator David Kinney mentioned that Islesboro Marine Enterprises has built a couple of floats for the town of Islesboro and for the town of Northport, with satisfactory reports from both. The company has not at this point done any work for Lincolnville, he said. Kinney said Harbor Master Mike Hutchings was in favor of taking the Dark Harbor bid based on the experiences the town has had with them.

Kinney said Dark Harbor Boatyard has constructed two floats at the town's pier in Lincolnville Harbor. "We've been very satisfied with the work they've done on those floats and other work they've done at the harbor," he said.

Board chairman Ladleah Dunn said she has been very pleased with what Dark Harbor has provided in the past. "This is my recommendation," she said.

Selectman Keryn Laite said that he is aware that when the town needed other work in the harbor, that "they [Dark Harbor] pretty much come when we need them. That's got to say something." He said he did not want to sway opinion one way or the other, but that "it would be money well-spent to stay with that boatyard."

A representative of the Dark Harbor company was present at the meeting.

Selectmen voted 4-0 to approve the Dark Harbor Boatyard bid. Selectman David Barrows was absent from the meeting.

Kinney said Dec. 24 that the current emphasis is maintaining the infrastructure the town has in the harbor. The float now to be built by Dark Harbor Boatyard is the third to be replaced since 2017.

Pier decking bids

The town of Lincolnville commissioned two engineering studies of town-owned infrastructure in Lincolnville Harbor, one by Pinnacle in 2016, another by Collins Engineering in 2017. The Collins report recommended replacing 25 percent of pier decking beginning in 2017 and replacing one to two of the harbor's five floats per year, also starting in 2017. That report also surveyed users of the pier and options for future development.

Pinnacle's 2016 study determined that pier planking would need to be replaced when it lost around 3/4 inch of its thickness from the original 3.5 inch thickness. In May, Pinnacle conducted a follow-up inspection of the pier.

Pinnacle's follow-up study concludes that 28 percent of the planking on the 40- by 80-foot pier decks are significantly damaged, due to wear or decay. The damaged planks total 1,145 lineal feet.

"Almost all of the damage appears to be from the snow plowing, scraping and cutting the tops of the planks with the hardened steel edge of the snow plow," according to the report.

The more severely damaged planks needing replacement are scattered among other planks with less damage and planks that do not requirement replacement. One problem  with piecemeal replacement of the 28 percent of damaged planks is that it will create an uneven surface on the pier deck, according to the report.

One recommendation is to replace all of the planks in the center section of the deck, which contains the highest number of damaged planks, plus outlying planks that are damaged. This brings the total of planks to be replaced up to 1,745 lineal feet.

The bids received for replacing planking on the pier deck range from the low bid of $16,130 to a high bid of $53,864.

Selectmen discussed the wide spread in the bids amounts, as well as the varying options of replacing the most damaged planks, the 28 percent of most-severely and less-severely damaged planks, or replacing planking in sections.

The decision made at the Dec. 23 meeting was to delay the bid award, and task Kinney with speaking to low bidder, Ford Enterprises, to possibly expand the scope of the project.