Serious crimes in Knox County declined again during 2018, according to the latest state report.

And Rockland reached a record low for serious crimes, according to the 2018 edition of "Crime in Maine."

The Crime in Maine report is compiled by the Maine Department of Public Safety and offers details on crimes by departments across the state. The uniform crimes which are used to determine rates include murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny, stolen motor vehicles, and arson.

Rockland saw the number of reported serious crimes decline again, dropping to a record low of 151 in 2018.

This is down from 173 in 2017, 157 in 2016 which had been the previous record low, and 200 in 2015.  As late as 2010, Rockland had 427 of these crimes reported. The uniform crime reports have been published annually since 1973.

"I have to give all the credit to the men and women in uniform who are out there 24 hours a day, giving 110 percent," said Rockland Police Chief Christopher Young.

The aging of the population has also been cited as a reason for the decline since older people tend to commit fewer crimes. In addition, the relocation of Wal-Mart to Thomaston in October 2013 led to a decline in larcenies within Rockland.

The cooperation between Rockland police and other departments and crime prevention education by the department with businesses has also been credited with the improvements in the city crime picture.

Of the 151 serious crimes reported in 2018 in Rockland, 135 were larcenies which includes shoplifting, thefts from motor vehicles, and stolen bicycles. There were five stolen motor vehicles during 2018. Seven burglaries were reported. Two rapes and two aggravated assaults were also reported.

The Knox County Sheriff's Office handled 163 serious crimes during 2018, down from 184 in 2017, 186 in 2016, and 220 in 2015.

Those 163 crimes included 126 larcenies, 27 burglaries, five stolen vehicles, three aggravated assaults, and two robberies.

Thomaston reported 46 serious crimes during 2018, from nearly half from 83 in 2017, 89 in 2016, and 90 in 2015.

Forty of the 46 crimes reported in Thomaston were larcenies. There were also three burglaries, one rape, and two stolen vehicles.

Rockport had 15 reported serious offenses, all larcenies. This is about the same as the 14 in 2017 but down from 27 in 2016, and 17 in 2015.

Camden had 14 reported crimes — 13 were larcenies and one was a stolen vehicle. This down from 30 in 2017, 36 in 2016, and 35 in 2015.