Front Edge Publishing is proud to announce the first book in a brand new series, "Thirty Days With Abraham Lincoln: Quiet Fire" by the Reverend Dr. Duncan Newcomer of Belfast. Newcomer has hosted more than 200 episodes of the radio series "Quiet Fire: The Spiritual Life of Abraham Lincoln." Now, 30 of his best stories provide a month of inspirational reading in a unique volume that invites us to read the stories — or to follow a simple code to hear the original broadcast each day.

In the book, Newcomer reminds readers of Lincoln’s belief that it is “'not the land that makes us American. It’s a mindset. Americans are not a race or a tribe.' To Lincoln, Americans are a people who have received a great gift: a free nation with self-government.” And, "Thirty Days with Abraham Lincoln: Quiet Fire" reminds us, writes Newcomer, that “Americans did not create this free nation on their own; in Lincoln’s mind, a divine assistance made it possible.”

In these short, daily stories, Newcomer touches repeatedly on the role of the divine in Lincoln’s thoughts, writings and deeds. In one story, Lincoln senses “an abiding presence everywhere for good.” In another, “God acting in history.”

“It may just be,” writes Newcomer, “that more than two centuries after the birth of Lincoln, new generations of people are ready to follow Lincoln once again — in order to find a new birth of freedom. This spirit can make the young wide awake and relight the fire inside the old.”

"Thirty Days with Abraham Lincoln" collects Newcomer’s best radio stories, presenting them both in text and with a daily link that will play that original broadcast with the click of a smartphone app.

Newcomer is a writer, educator, pastor and Lincoln scholar who researches and hosts the weekly radio series broadcast via WERU, a community public radio station serving Midcoast Maine. Ordained in the United Church of Christ, he also has served for many years as a licensed marriage and family counselor and psychotherapist. He earned his doctorate from the Chicago Theological Seminary in preaching.

"Thirty Days With Abraham Lincoln: Quiet Fire" is available now on, through Ingram Content Group or from