Kelp leases threaten lobster grounds

Lobstermen in Knox County are watching as their fishing grounds are being taken away. I attended a hearing for kelp lease in prime lobstering grounds last week for Bob Baines. The chance of this lease being approved is 99 percent, with the track record the Department of Marine Resources has of approving applications for marine aquaculture. There were about 20 of us there to object, but it really felt like what we asked was falling on deaf ears.

Right now, there are leases coming in fast and furious up and down the state, and I don't think people realize we are selling our oceans. Did you know that leases can total 1,000 acres? Did you know they can be transferred without a public hearing? That alone makes me wonder if Maine is ready to sell the ocean and in the process, put lobstermen out of business.

There is another lease soon and we will be there to voice our opinions and we will be heard! This time we will give testimony, so it will go on the record. We were uninformed of the proper procedure for testifying at the Bob Baines hearing, so anything we said was not put on record.

Steve Sutela


Balance and civility

Balance and civility are core qualities of Nate Davis. I have known Nate and his wife, Chelsea, since they arrived in Rockland. He cares about a thriving Rockland. I am impressed with his ability to see solutions that are beneficial to our city’s bottom line. He is a quiet, strong, smart and kind person. He examines what makes a government run smoothly and efficiently. He is modest and a good listener. He steps up when he identifies a need. He sees that many small steps toward a big goal can get you there. He is not rash or irrational.

More than six years ago Nate and Chelsea (an RSU 13 School Board member) chose Rockland to live in at an important time in the planning life of Rockland. They both communicate with longtime residents and value blending new and older views. They encourage dialogue to arrive at solutions for the greater good. Nate understands that Rockland will be seeing and making changes and how important it is to prepare and identify what changes are good for Rockland. I fully support Nate Davis for our Rockland City Council.

Connie Hayes


Nate Davis for City Council

Nate Davis presents an orderly and rational set of priorities, based on abiding values. From having observed his activity in civic and organizational structures, I cannot see how anyone running for council — today or tomorrow — could be more constructive, in either manner or process. His experience in Rockland, though far from flashy, is as substantial and solid as the rock in our city's name and heritage. I welcome his willingness to serve in this elected capacity, and support his candidacy without qualification, but with great thanks. I urge Rockland's voters to support Nate Davis.

George B. Terrien


Davis smart, capable, caring

I am writing in support of Nate Davis for Rockland City Council. He is a smart, capable person who cares very much about this community. I have volunteered with him on the Energy Advisory Committee for the past two years, and I know he has been working with that group longer. Nate has worked on a number of initiatives, including helping people reduce their heating bills. He is very active in his volunteer work and looks for ways to help out people in our city. Over the past year, Nate has led the Energy Committee and he has done a great job. He is calm, level-headed, and listens to all sides. I think this is the ideal type of person we want on the City Council.

Gilliad Munden


In support of Davis, Glaser

I am thrilled that both my friend Nate Davis and my dad, Ed Glaser, are running for the two spots opening on Rockland City Council. Nate is one of the kindest, most patient and most open people I know, and yet is unafraid to take strong, value-driven stands. I have worked alongside him on many initiatives, including supporting reentry homes, the Diversity Resolution, and the Climate Action Plan. I’m especially excited about his desire to make Rockland politics more participatory and friendly to the community, which will include being open to a variety of opinions and beliefs that he may not personally share.

I am also delighted that my dad is running for reelection. It’s often odd being the daughter of a councilor, while also being involved in local politics. My dad sponsored the Diversity Resolution, the Climate Action Plan, and the single-use plastic bag ban, all of which I supported. And then there were his votes that I disagreed with. But overall I am very grateful for his dedication to the city. He takes getting back to the people who write to him seriously, and tries to balance the needs and concerns of a broad variety of people in the community.

Both are very approachable if you wish to connect with them before the Nov. 5 election day:, and

Becca Shaw Glaser