A handful of Owls Head residents demanded the Board of Selectmen do something to help stop the consistent drug activity they say is taking place at Crockett's Beach.

At the Oct. 7 meeting, Adra Lovely led the conversation.

"One of the concerns we have is the amount of drugs being passed down there," he said. "It's happening at all hours of the night and day," Lovely said, adding that he has found numerous needles beside the roadway and witnessed drug activity. He also said some of the neighbors have had some unfavorable interactions with those involved in the illicit activity.

Lovely said he has had a conversation with a private investigator who works for the Knox County Regional Airport and recommended a sign as well as getting the police involved.

"There's a sign there that states the park is closed from dusk until dawn, but that isn't happening," Lovely said. He added that a lot of the same cars are going back and forth, and at high speeds.

Selectman Gordon Page asked if the Knox County Sheriff's Office has been notified every time an incident appears to be occurring. Lovely said they would have to be called as many as six times a day with all the activity he has seen.

"The other thing is, by the time you call, they're gone," Frances Jones said.

Lovely again expressed his belief that if a sign were placed it might deter those involved.

"The law is the law," Page said.

Chairman Tom Von Malder said it is important that the Sheriff's Office be notified of every incident so there is a record.

Resident Jessica Stone said she has also picked up needles as well as written down license plate numbers of vehicles she has seen regularly at the beach, especially those racing up and down the road.

She said she has contacted the Sheriff's Office several times, but it just doesn't have the time to police the area on a consistent basis.

The residents felt that if a sign were posted stating that fines would double for drug activity, it might at least help a little.

Jones said it had gotten worse since Birch Point State Park closed for the season. "Now they've moved to Crockett's," she said.

"It's a real issue," Lovely said. "It's a group of people who are very hostile and very dangerous."

The board advised the residents not to attempt to confront anyone they suspect is involved in any illegal activity on their road, and will invite Sheriff Tim Carroll to its next meeting, in two weeks, to discuss what can be done.

In other business

Also at the Oct. 7 meeting, the board approved awarding two bids for work at the Community Building to Murray Builders — the only bidder. One project is to repair rotten trim in the amount of $7,658 and the other to repair water damage done to the downstairs community room in the amount of $12,531.

Like their counterparts in Warren, board members also voted to increase the agent fees for motor vehicle registrations from $3 to $5 on re-registrations and from $4 to $6 on new registrations, effective immediately.

And the ongoing issue of the plowing of Cooper's Beach Road continues. Although resident Louis Edwards verbally volunteered to plow this winter, no determination of deadlines has been discussed.

The road is a public easement with a right-of-way and there is a resident who lives beyond the Edwardses' property. Town attorney Fred Newcomb, on the advice of Road Commissioner Bill Lepannen, suggested having a company locate the terminus of the road to help determine boundaries.

The next board meeting will be Monday, Oct. 21, at the Community Building at 4 p.m.

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