After a year's delay, the Sandy Shores Culvert Replacement Project is now nearly complete.

Contractor Travis Noyes of CES Inc., based in Brewer, was given the task of conducting a cost proposal for a new and simpler design nearly a year ago, after no bids were received for the project.

The new design features a box culvert instead of an arch span that will be Smart Stream compliant, and the road was widened.

A single lane around the culvert project was made to accommodate traffic during the construction phase.

The Smart Stream Project was estimated to cost $215,000, and the town received a $95,000 grant from the Department of Transportation's Stream Crossing Public Infrastructure Improvement Project in March 2017.

The premise is to maintain fish and wildlife habitat and allow better passage of fish traveling to spawning areas, while protecting roads and public safety.

Sandy Shores Road turns into Bunker Hill Road and is the only entrance to this section of Warren, where there are 56 year-round homes, 80 seasonal homes and three businesses.

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