Pat & Kevin met.

Then they married.

True story.


I did an astrological chart reading for Pat about 2 months later was when she met Kevin her, “True Love/Life partner.” No kidding, it happens.


When I did Pat’s chart reading it was obvious what was going to occur. The planets were aligned in such a way for me to guarantee 100% she would meet her beloved, love of her life. Uranus was about to enter her 7th house of one on one relationships, marriage included. Uranus would be conjunct her natal position of the Moon in Taurus positioned in the 7th house, very soon. Neptune was now offering “a window of opportunity to meet her mate because it was in a positive aspect to her Sun/Venus in Cancer. Pluto was making a positive aspect to her chart showing that her life was going to transform and Pat would be evolving more quickly within the next year. After the reading she was gone. I was left wondering when all this would take place and hoping and praying that what I said was truly accurate. I pray and meditate for Divine Guidance to come into my mind before I do a reading. I have a level of trust and relaxation with that process.


Pat  got in touch with me about 5 months later asking if  I would officiate/marry her and her husband to be. I have been a Rev. Minister of the Universal Life Church since June 1999.  “You met him? When? How? Tell me, I am the Astrological “Curious George,” was my happy response.


Pat told me their story. She was at a metaphysical bookstore hanging out as she loves to do. She was immersed in studying the books. Kevin came into the store because he too loves metaphysical books. Kevin had not allowed himself to be in a relationship for 2 years because he had been too eager to find “his mate,” and was allowing Divine Guidance to direct him. He spotted Pat and thought came to mind,”I have to speak with her.” He went over and started up a conversation. I’m told the conversation went on for over an hour. They decided to leave the store to go for a walk to continue their conversation. Kevin “knew” that she was “the One.” Pat’s thinking was, ”This is interesting.” After talking for hours they decided to make a date for the next week. They began dating. They decided they wanted to get married. After a few months of dating they knew, “This is it.”


This actuality brings tears of joy to my eyes & heart. Their wedding ceremony and spontaneously spoken marriage vows were also an experience of being joyfully flooded with tears which would not be contained. I had picked the date and time Astrologically, May 18. It  was the only day that was sunny with blue sky, no clouds for weeks of cloudiness and rain. Today May 31 it’s still cloudy and not rainy.