The town of Camden has not given up on the idea of finding land to build a solar farm and produce electricity to generate power for its municipal uses and to reduce carbon emissions.

Town Manager Audra Caler-Bell said May 30 the town is now looking at another site owned by the Department of Administrative and Financial Services. She hopes the agency will be more willing to work with the town of Camden on this site, than it was on the Union Chemical parcel.

On May 24, the town's offer to purchase the former Union Chemical Co. Superfund site in Hope was rejected by DAFS. The town offered $1, plus electricity produced by the site, and the opportunity for the state to locate electric car-charging stations on Route 17, where the site is located.

Camden's offer highlighted the environmental benefits of transforming a former Superfund site into a solar farm that would help the town and the state reach their goals of using renewable sources to meet energy needs and to reduce carbon emissions.

The Boulos Co., a real estate company used by DAFS to advertise the land, accepted another offer for the full listing price of $60,000. Caler-Bell characterized DAFS' decision as prioritizing the $60,000, which she said is insignificant to the state government, over the value of the environmental benefits, which are consistent with Gov. Janet Mills' ambitious energy and climate policies.

The Select Board will hold a discussion on its regional solar initiative and Union Chemical June 4, and will also discuss in executive session the acquisition of real estate. Caler-Bell confirmed that the real estate is land for sale by the state, but said she could not discuss further details now.

Also on the June 4 agenda is an update on the Emergency Medical Services contract extension, a work plan update from the Energy and Sustainability Committee, and authorization to use Dam Reserve funds for the removal of the transformer in the Seabright Dam. A small hydropower plant built into the dam was decommissioned in 2017, after it was determined that the cost of operating and insuring the plant exceeded the value of the power produced.

The Select Board meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. in the John French Jr. Conference Room on Washington Street and will be livestreamed on the town of Camden's YouTube channel.