Single-sort recycling will begin in Rockland June 8.

Katrina Venhuizen, senior environmental educator for ecomaine, made a presentation Monday, May 6 to the City Council about the upcoming change in the city's recycling program.

People who go to the solid waste facility can dump their approved recyclables in a hopper inside the transfer station. Ecomaine will be giving out 300 plastic bins for people to store recyclables.

Paper, cardboard, pizza boxes, books, all rigid plastics, metal and glass are recyclable. No plastic bags or other plastics that can be crumpled in your hand are allowed.

The city and ecomaine are passing out brochures that detail what can and cannot be tossed in the recycling hopper or left to be picked up by waste haulers.

Venhuizen said education and signage are the two most important things for a successful recycling program.

If improper wastes are deposited, there is a financial penalty if it exceeds a certain amount.

A complete list of items that can be recycled or not recycled can be found at

Rockland entered into a 20-year agreement with ecomaine beginning in March 2018 for handling of the community's solid wastes.