A lawsuit that challenged a sweeping zoning overhaul that was later repealed in the face of significant opposition has ended with neither side required to pay the other's expenses.

The city had asked the court to award it costs in the legal challenge to the zoning law filed by Rockland resident James Ebbert.

The voluntary dismissal was filed April 26 in Knox County Court. Both the city's attorney, Mary Costigan, and Ebbert's attorney, Paul Gibbons, signed the dismissal.

Ebbert was one of many Rockland residents opposed to the residential overhaul approved Jan. 14 by the Rockland City Council. Opponents collected nearly 700 signatures and were poised to file the signatures to force a referendum to repeal the ordinance before the City Council voted Feb. 11 to rescind it.

Ebbert's initial court appeal challenged the ordinance. Following the first rescission vote, Ebbert argued that the rescission was done without proper notice.

The council voted again April 1 to rescind the ordinance after posting notices of the meeting.

The zoning overhaul would have reduced minimum lot sizes, setbacks and building sizes. Supporters said the changes would have created more affordable housing, while opponents said it would adversely affect residential neighborhoods.