The resident at 1505 Eastern Road has been sending a clear message to passersby in recent weeks.

This smashed-up vehicle with a sign reading "Don't Text and Drive" has caught the attention of many, and has been shared on Facebook numerous times, generating comments such as:

"Every day I drive by this in Warren and think about the message this is sending to everyone. Kudos to these people who chose to make an example of this situation. I think we all need to be reminded of the reality of these choices and mistakes people can make. I hope no one was seriously hurt for this to happen, but thank you for sending this message to people every day."

"Hope this is a reminder … and I hope kids see this."

"And it's not just texting, it's also reaching for something in the car, the dog jumping around the car, changing the radio, or just looking away from the road for a second even … and we won't even get into the intoxicated drivers…"

"I saw this a few weeks ago and it gave me the chills. Definitely a powerful message!"

And in this case, "A picture is better than words."

A call to the resident to seek more information had not been returned at this posting