Rockland took ownership of three residential properties Monday after the former owners failed to pay property taxes dating back to 2016.

The tax foreclosures occurred at houses on West Meadow Road and Knott Street and a mobile home on Pleasant Street.

The foreclosures occur, as dictated by state law, after liens have been in place for 18 months. In all the cases, the city notifies the owners about 45 days before foreclosure and urges them to contact the city if they are unable to pay the outstanding bill. The owners were also notified prior to the liens' being imposed.

The city will try to work with the former owners to return their properties but, if they are not willing or able, the city can sell the land and houses.

The most valuable property foreclosed on March 18 was 99 West Meadow Road.. The property had been owned by Patricia Curtis since November 2015.

This is the second time the city has taken ownership of this property, which consists of 1.4 acres and a two-story, nearly 2,900-square-feet house built in 1850. Rockland foreclosed on the property in March 2015, when it had been owned by the heirs of Gloria Gifford.

The city then sold its interest in the property to Curtis in November of that year.

The amount owed by Curtis to avoid the automatic foreclosure was nearly $5,700 for taxes levied in August 2016, along with interest and costs incurred by the city. There was also another lien on the property for 2017 taxes which amounted to almost $5,000.

The West Meadow Road land and house are valued at a total of $223,000.

Also foreclosed on by the city on Monday was 24 Knott St., which had been owned by the heirs of Mark Morey.

The Morey family had owned the property since 2013.

The property consists of slightly less than a quarter-acre with a 960-square-foot ranch-style house built in 1992. The property and house are valued at a total of $116,400.

The amount owed on that property from 2016 taxes, interest and costs totaled $2,615. There was also a lien of $2,147 for 2017 taxes.

And the mobile home foreclosed on by the city had been owned by Rick Walsh. The taxes owed totaled $538. There is no land with this property.

The properties are now covered under the city's insurance policy.