Riley School held one of three “Riley Nights,” a series of non-competitive community talent shows Friday, March 15. Emceeing the event were Riley alumnus Emma Wilton, 18, and her younger brother Nigel Wilton, 16. The show included singing, dancing, musical instruments, and even an act featuring robots.

Wilton is the leader behind Riley Nights. Her job includes advertising, making posters, and getting the acts ready and organized before the show. “It is a lot of work,” Wilton said. “But it doesn't feel like work, because I really enjoy it.” Although she graduated from Riley in 2014, Wilton says she never really abandoned the school, and eventually became more and more involved, even co-leading Riley’s summer camp this year.

“I will always be drawn to Riley because the people that I met and the education that I got there was crucial to my success as a person,” Wilton says. “Even though their curriculum is untraditional, Riley is very good at preparing students to be confident in themselves and to always ask questions. Throughout my life I have found myself drawn to people and places that exude this same philosophy.”

Emma and Nigel Wilton also participated in the talent show by performing a dance which they choreographed together.

The Riley School is looking for more talent for their next show, which takes place Friday, April 19, in the Riley School theatre. “I would like to encourage everyone to sign up or sign their kids up,” Wilton says. “Getting the opportunity to perform on stage is such a cool learning experience. Even if you want to be an engineer, there are still things you can learn from hopping up on stage and doing a magic skit with your best friend.” The Riley nights are for everybody, with a supportive audience and relaxed environment. Anyone. interested in participating can contact to sign up.

Morgan Brooke is a student at the Watershed School and an intern at the Camden Herald.