For three action-packed days, talented young girls basketball players stepped into the court spotlight during the annual Flanagan Community Center invitational tournament.

In the eight-team tourney for fifth- and sixth-graders, hosted by the Rockland Harbor YMCA and Penobscot Bay YMCA, a handful of Midcoast squads, along with a few others sprinkled around the state, participated.

And, by tourney's end, it was Ararat that went unbeaten — and bested Medomak Valley in the finals — to claim the tournament title.

Games in the double-elimination tourney were Friday through Sunday, March 8-10. The boys invitational tournament was held the previous weekend at the same venue.

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The team members for those who competed in the girls event were:

Medomak Valley, coached by Andrea and Richard Williamson, includes Kytana Williamson, Roisin Hopkins, Sadie Knight, Audrey Jackson, Lilly Christ, Erica Waite, Paige Jarvis, Emily Richardson and Skylar Hills.

Midcoast Rising Tide, coached by Brooks Stevens and Dave Marchessault, includes Audrey Colby, Mauwa Jordan, Sianna Geretz, Lily Stackpole, Karmon Killeran, Lyleigh Reed, Alayna Marchessault, Elizabeth Barstow, Virginia Davis, Della Johnson, Jaydne Munro, Violet Ward and Gracie Stevens.

Belfast, coached by evin Gray and Elmer Deans, includes Ava Markham, Alanna Nichols, Lilly Hughes, Julie Darres, Jordyn Kneeland, Maddie Deans, Danica Gray, Audri Goodwin, Kayla Wight, Breanna Shorey, Kadynn Beeton and Nichole Shorey.

Five Town Fifth-Grade, coached by Kristin Cronkite and Ben Laukka, includes Natalie Bolduc, Breanna Odone, Isabella DeBrosky, Maya Stone, Thea Laukka, Leah Jones, Maren Johnson, Maddison Cronkite and Lucy Ward.

Camden Hills 'Jammers, coached by Rick Thackeray, Matt Prindiville and Todd Snyder, includes Veronica Waters, Tula Prindiville, Scarlett Miller, Britta Denny, Charlotte Delehey, Leah Snyder, Tessa Byrnes, Rose Tohanczyn, Charlotte Thackeray and Grace Westbrook.

Oak Hill Raiders, coached by Don Theriault, includes Kendall Theriault, Ellie Smith, Emily Gigure, Micky Pointbrand, Marielle Bean, Ave Rivet, Emily Holeman and Taryn Vallencourt.

Ararat, coached by Dan Pomerleau and Travis Penny, includes Cali Pomerleau, Avery Beal, Islah Godo, Elena Willis, Rachel Penny, Mary Beal, Kennedy Lampert, Annabelle Pineau, Lizzy Grinder, Brooklyne Choate and Tarynn Keleher.

Dexter, coached by Jim Peakes and Josh Johnson, includes Presley Dov, Keirra Bennett, Peyton Dodge, Kallie Stone, Annabelle Peakes, Abbie Corson, Abbie Golden, Brianna Vafiades, Lexi Vafiades, Autumn Picard and Desiree Adams.

The following is a recap of games played in the tournament:

Belfast 35, Five Town 23

On Friday, March 8, Belfast emerged with a 12-point win. The teams were tied 6-6 at the end of the first quarter, while Belfast led 18-8 at halftime and 30-11 after three quarters.

Beeton scored 13 points for Belfast, while Darres added seven; Gray, five; Deans and Breanna Shorey, four; and Nichol Shorey, two.

Jones led Five Town with nine points, while Odone added six; Laukka, four; and Cronkite and Ward, two.

Belfast was 5-of-8 (62 percent) from the foul line, while Five Town was 3-of-11 (27 percent).

Ararat 39, Camden Hills 21

On Friday, March 8, Ararat picked up an 18-point win. Camden Hills led 6-4 after the first quarter, while Ararat led 15-10 at halftime and 28-14 after three quarters.

Pomerleau scored 17 points for Ararat, while Keleher added seven; Beal, Grinder and Choate, four; Willis, two; and Godo, one.

Delehey, Snyder and Tohanczyn scored six points  for Camden Hills, while Denny added three.

Ararat was 6-of-16 (37 percent) from the charity stripe, while Camden Hills was 3-of-11 (27 percent).

Midcoast 29, Oak Hill 21

On Saturday, March 9, Midcoast pulled away in the fourth quarter for a win over Oak Hill. Midcoast led 3-2, 15-8 and 15-12 at the quarter breaks.

Jordan led Midcoast with nine points, while Reed added eight; Stackpole, Barstow, Ward and Stevens, two; and Killeran and Marchessault, one.

Theriault scored eight points for Oak Hill, while Gigure added five; Holeman, three; Pointbrand and Bean, two; and Smith, one.

Midcoast was 3-of-13 (24 percent) from the foul line, while Oak Hill was 4-of-24 (17 percent).

Medomak Valley 36, Dexter 12

On Saturday, March 9, Medomak Valley tripled up Dexter. Medomak Valley led 10-4, 21-6 and 31-9 at the quarter breaks.

Jackson led Medomak with 14 points, while Williamson added seven; Christ, six; Hills, three; and Knight, Waite and Jarvis, two.

Corson scored four points for Dexter, while Stone and Adams added three and Bennett two.

Medomak Valley was 4-of-17 (23 percent) from the foul line, while Dexter was 4-of-14 (29 percent).

Camden Hills 36, Five Town 20

On Saturday, March 9, Camden Hills went on a 12-4 run in the second quarter and pulled away from Five Town. Camden Hills led 6-4, 18-8 and 24-11 at the quarter breaks.

Tohanczyn scored 16 points for the winners, while Denny added 10; Snyder, four; and Prindiville, Delehey and Thackeray two.

Odone, Laukka, Cronkite and Ward scored four points for Five Town, while Bolduc and DeBrosky added two.

Camden Hills was 2-of-11 (18 percent) from the foul line, while Five Town was 2-of-16 (12 percent).

Ararat 28, Belfast 11

On Saturday, March 9, Ararat moved on in the winner’s bracket with a triumph over Belfast. Ararat led 10-2, 15-4 and 23-6 at the quarter breaks.

Pomerleau scored nine points for Ararat, while Godo, Willis and Lampert added four; Keleher, three; and Avery Beal and Mary Beal, two.

Goodwin, Brenna Shorey and Beeton scored three points for Belfast, while Hughes added two.

Ararat was 5-of-9 (56 percent) from the foul line, while Belfast was 5-of-20 (25 percent).

Medomak Valley 27, Midcoast 6

On Saturday, March 9, Medomak Valley moved on with a win over Midcoast. Medomak Valley led 5-0, 16-4 and 22-6 at the quarter breaks.

Williamson led Medomak with 11 points, while Jackson added eight; Knight, Jarvis and Hills, two; and Hopkins and Waite, one.

Stackpole scored three points for Midcoast, while Geretz added two and Jordan one.

Medomak Valley was 1-of-9 (11 percent) from the free throw line, while Midcoast was 2-of-7 (29 percent).

Belfast 26, Dexter 11

On Saturday, March 9, Belfast bounced Dexter from the tournament. Belfast led 8-5, 15-5 and 21-7 at the quarter breaks.

Gray and Beeton scored seven points for Belfast, while Goodwin added five; Darres, four; Kneeland, two; and Nichols, one.

Corson scored five points for Dexter, while Brianna Vafiades, Adams and Dow added two.

Belfast was 4-of-14 (29 percent) from the foul line, while Dexter was 0-of-1.

Camden Hills 37, Midcoast 25

On Saturday, March 9, Camden Hills netted a 12-point win. Camden Hills led 19-0, 21-7 and 27-14 at the quarter breaks.

Tohanczyn scored 17 points for Camden Hills, while Denny and Snyder added nine and Byrnes two.

Stevens scored 10 points for Midcoast, while Jordan added nine; Geretz, four; and Marchessault, two.

Camden Hills was 3-of-15 (20 percent) from the foul line, while Midcoast was 3-of-14 (21 percent).

Ararat 42, Medomak Valley 35

On Sunday, March 10, Ararat advanced to the championship game with a win over Medomak Valley. Ararat led 12-6, 19-14 and 29-26 at the quarter breaks.

Pomerleau scored 23 points for Ararat, while Godo and Keleher added seven and Avery Beal five.

Jackson scored 15 points for Medomak Valley, while Williamson added 10; Christ, six; and Jarvis and Hills, two.

Ararat was 6-of-10 (60 percent) from the foul line, while Medomak Valley was 1-of-3 (33 percent).

Camden Hills 22, Belfast 18

On Sunday, March 10, Camden Hills staved off elimination with a win over Belfast. Belfast led 7-4 after the first quarter, 13-8 at halftime and 16-10 after three quarters before Camden Hills went on a 12-2 run to end the game.

Tohanczyn scored 10 points for Camden Hills, while Snyder added six; Denny, four; and Delehey, two.

Goodwin and Beeton scored four points for Belfast, while Gray added three; Hughes, Darres and Deans, two; and Breanna Shorey, one.

Camden Hills was 0-of-4 from the foul line, while Belfast was 1-of-4 (25 percent).

Medomak Valley 40, Camden Hills 35

On Sunday, March 10, Medomak Valley advanced to the finals with a five-point win over Camden Hills. Camden Hills led 11-10 after the first quarter, while Medomak Valley led 27-17 at halftime and 38-23 after three quarters.

Jackson led Medomak Valley with 10 points, while Waite and Hills added seven; Williamson, five; Hopkins and Christ, four; Knight, two; and Jarvis, one.

Delehey scored 12 points for Camden Hills, while Tohanczyn added 10; Denny, six; Snyder, four; and Waters, three.

Medomak Valley was 4-of-13 (31 percent) from the charity stripe, while Camden Hills was 1-of-13 (8 percent).

Ararat 48, Medomak Valley 15

On Sunday, March 10, Medomak Valley ran out of gas in its third game of the day as Ararat surged to the tourney title. Ararat led 8-4, 23-8 and 35-12 at the quarter breaks.

Avery Beal led Ararat with 12 points, while Pomerleau and Willis added nine; Mary Beal, six; Keleher, four; and Lampert, Pineau and Grinder, two.

Williamson scored eight points for Medomak, while Christ, Waite and Jarvis added two and Knight one.

Ararat was 1-of-6 (17 percent) from the foul line, while Medomak Valley was 3-of-8 (37 percent).

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