Our pet pick of the week is really a sweet feline duo, Marley and Zepplin. Although not related, these two became family in their former home and we’d like to keep this bonded pair together by adopting them out together. Although Zepplin is the older one, at around a year and a half, it is Marley who, at 9 months, usually takes the lead and reassures his big “brother” that everything is fine. These two are playful and curious and we can imagine just how much fun they will have with a whole house to play in and explore. Don’t worry, they’ll have plenty of time for you also. They are affectionate, loving and enjoy snuggle time too. They already have each other — the only thing missing is you.

Did you know that we offer microchip services for your pet? Microchips are a great way to help your pet get home should they become lost. Nationally, on average, only 2 to 4 percent of stray cats coming into shelters are reunited with their owners. Unlike dogs, which have a much higher return rate, cats don’t generally wear collars with I.D. tags (we highly recommend that they do), and if they do, the quick-release safety features of a cat collar often result with their being snagged on something, leaving the cat without identification. At PMHS, we were fortunate enough to reunite 9 percent of lost cats with their families last year. However, we want to increase that rate.

Thanks to a Petsmart grant we are offering free microchips for any cat that resides in a town that we contract with, as well as to any cat adopted from PMHS, regardless of where you live. Cats residing in any one of the following towns qualify for a free microchip: Rockland, Thomaston, Warren, Owls Head, St. George, Port Clyde, Martinsville and Tenants Harbor; South Thomaston, Spruce Head, Union, Cushing, Matinicus, North Haven, and Vinalhaven; Stockton Springs and Morrill. We now microchip all cats adopted from PMHS, but if your cat was adopted from PMHS and doesn’t have one, you qualify for a free microchip, too. While we will be offering microchip clinics throughout the year, feel free to stop by the shelter during regular business hours and get your cat microchipped. No appointment is necessary, though a heads-up is appreciated. It’s quick and easy and provides extra peace of mind to help your pet get home. Dogs are welcome, too, for the  just $25. Feel free to call the shelter at 594-2200 with any questions.

Wish list: Purina Kitten Chow, Temptations cat treats, 9-by-12 envelopes, paper towels, toilet paper, latex gloves, trash bags (13- and 33-gallon) and gift certificates to Amazon, Walmart, Staples or other local businesses.