The March issue of Yankee Magazine, available now in stores and mailboxes, features a story on how the Kosti Ruohomaa Collection arrived at the Penobscot Marine Museum of Searsport, as well as a number of photos by the Rockland native.

Mel Allen’s “Bringing Kosti Home” photo essay includes the familiar 1945 photograph of Ruohomaa’s father heading for the family cow barn on Dodge Mountain in Rockland; and an intimate moment of laughter shared by his friend painter Andrew Wyeth and siblings Christina and Alvaro Olsen in their Cushing house in 1951. Also included are a couple of photos from the 1945 town meeting in Washington.

The article can be read online at The Kosti Ruohomaa Collection is begin digitized and ultimately will be made available to browse for free in the museum’s online database,