Mercury is turning retrograde on Tuesday, March 5 until March 28. As I have observed over the years, we start feeling the effects of Mercury turning retrograde, sometimes, before the date it actually does it's thing. Oh no. I heard on the news that the airports are expecting already flight delays. Two people I know are heading south to Florida and may get caught up in the chaos. I hope not for them.

Remember that when Mercury is retrograde it is a cosmic message to focus attention inwardly and spend time alone in contemplation, reading, writing in your journal, poetry comes, spending some time in the woods, or in your art or music studio allowing Spirit to guide you and create through you works of art and splendid lyrics which flow with ease along with the music that matches the feel of the message and "versa Viesa," it has to be said that way when Mercury is retrograde! As you may know communications get all messed up due to assumptions being made and not paying close attention to what is being said.

Legal issues are also problematic. When I lived in Crestone- small town in Colorado the local realtor would call up and ask if Mercury was retrograde because contracts were falling apart and there was confusion and frustration with buyers and sellers making decisions then changing their minds. In fact she was the one who suggested that I write a subscriber monthly newsletter, which I did start then in 1996, her secretary helped design the lay out for me as I was not and am still not savvy to the computer's gifted complexities. I was born with Mercury retrograde, I'm a slow learner, always have been………I think that I might be dyslexic.George Harrison was, so that's A-ok, with me.

I wonder if others who were born with Mercury retrograde have the same traits? If you tell me a joke, it takes me longer than anyone in the room for me to "get it." In school I was a slow learner would rather be outside on the playground.


We're at the end of the New Moon cycle, which began February 4. That means the energy is low, and we're all apt to feel tired (now) until the next New Moon comes into play… which is coming up this Wednesday, a new beginning. The New Moon takes place at 11:04 a.m. with the Sun and Moon at 15 degrees of Pisces conjunct (close to) Neptune and also in good aspect with Pluto. I suspect we're about to approach a very positive cycle for the next 29 1/2 days until the next New Moon on April 5th. I've read on the internet (who can believe everything you read there?) something I wish were true…but I just don't think so…here it is…I read that President Trump is about to sign something that would make free energy devices legal for all………I really doubt it because he is such a strong supporter of the extremely wealthy 1 % who own all the oil imports including the 1% owners in USA.. What I've read said Trump's Dad had the information written and taken from Nikola Tesla, when he died…and Trump now has the formula for free energy devices which would change the whole game plan on this planet. I wish so much this were true, but could it possibly be? Oil, coal, wood, electric, nuclear power would no longer be necessary with free energy devices would be powering it up for all of us. I pray it's true. I've also stated that 2019 is, "The year of the scam," due to the astrological aspects that took place on January 1 at 12:00 a.m. Onward…………