You’d think it was the year of the tiger with all the “mini-tigers” roaming our cat rooms these days. Of course, I’m talking about all the striped tabbies currently available for adoption. You know the ones I’m talking about, with their beautiful vertical stripes covering the length of their body. This classic tiger pattern, the mackerel tabby, is one of the most common tabby patterns in domestic cats. Then there is the classic tabby, with the swirling pattern that ends with a signature bull’s eye marking on their side. And spotted tabbies with small spots. We have plenty of tabbies at the shelter. Brown and black ones, gray and black ones, orange ones, silver ones, and ones with white “socks” on their feet. We have playful ones and shy ones. Petite ones and fuller-sized ones. The variations are seemingly endless. How about a tri-tiger? Also called torbies, they have a tabby pattern mixed with a tortie, with intermittent orange spots. Cleo is a beautiful 5-year old torbie looking for a home. She will make a great family cat, as she is good with kids and fellow felines. Whatever you’re looking for in a cat, we’re likely to have it at the shelter. And best of all, they’re looking for you, too.

Have you seen our online Hoodie campaign? Time is running out to get our new logo hoodie. The online sale runs only until March 2. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to show off your PMHS pride with is comfy, cozy gray and green hoodie for just $30. To purchase, visit or the events section of our Facebook page.

We have lots of scrumptious local recipes filling up our 30th anniversary cookbook, but we still want yours. Do you have a “to die for” dessert or an “its so good” soup or pasta dish? How about a yummy pet treat your dog or cat can’t seem to get enough of? Our community has made 30 years of saving lives and creating families possible and we want to celebrate with all your favorite recipes. It’s easy to participate. Submit your favorite receipts, three to five is a good sampling. These cookbooks will be professionally published and are sure to be a treasured keepsake and your newest go-to cookbook. Plus, all money raised from their sale will benefit the animals at the shelter. The deadline to submit recipes is March 31. For more information about submitting recipes, join our virtual event or visit our website at

Wish list: stamps, 9×12 envelopes, paper towels, latex gloves, trash bags (13- and 33-gallon), address labels (5160/8160) and gift certificates to Amazon, Walmart, Staples or other local businesses.