The lobster haul in Knox County and along the entire coast rebounded in 2018, according to figures released Friday, March 1, by the Maine Department of Marine Resources.

And Midcoast towns continue to dominate in terms of landings.

Statewide, 280 million pounds of all species of seafood were landed in Maine ports during 2018 with a combined value of $637 million.

This is up from the 2017 landings of 261 million pounds valued at $576 million.

But the 2018 haul falls short of the record value earned in 2016, when 303 million pounds of seafood earned harvesters $733 million.

Lobsters remained the most valuable seafood in terms of total value. Statewide, harvesters brought in nearly 120 million pounds of lobster valued at $485 million.

Elvers came in a distant second in terms of value, at $21.7 million for fewer than 10,000 pounds of the marine delicacy.

Knox County lobstermen hauled in 30.9 million pounds of lobster, which earned them $134.2 million during 2018. This is up from 2017, when the Knox County lobster haul totaled 29.1 million pounds valued at $120.6 million.

The 2018 haul fell short, however, of the record value earned in 2016, $148.5 million, in Knox County, when 35.2 million pounds of the crustacean were landed.

Knox County came in second in terms of lobster landings across the Maine coast. Hancock County caught the most, with 39.6 million pounds valued at $155.3 million.

Stonington, on the eastern side of Penobscot Bay, led all Maine ports in terms of the value of seafood landed. The value of Stonington landings was $59.6 million in 2018. Vinalhaven came in second at $37.9 million. Portland's landings were valued at $35.5 million, followed by Friendship at $24,1 million, Beals Island at $23.5 million, Spruce Head at $16.6 million, Rockland at $13.5 million, Jonesport at $13 million, Cundy's Harbor at $12.3 million and Owls Head at $12.1 million.